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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Congratulations PTI for learning to stand on your own feet

Journalists who had actively supported PTI and its struggle against PML-N's forceful takeover are congratulating PTI and giving advice to PML-N on what to do next. 

Pakistan is celebrating PTI’s game-changer victory in Punjab by-polls which will now decide the fate of Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz. Important to note that PTI defeated arch-rival PML-N in its political heartland.

According to unofficial results, PTI easily bagged 15 seats out of 20 in the Punjab Assembly, meanwhile, PML-N managed to win only four seats on its home turf. Since a majority of the public was seriously against PML-N, its defeat is being celebrated across Pakistan.

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The PTI workers, supporters, and voters poured onto the streets to celebrate the huge triumph. Journalists who had actively supported PTI and its struggle against PML-N’s forceful takeover are congratulating PTI and giving advice to PML-N on what to do next.

Senior journalist and anchorperson Dr. Moeed Pirzada, while congratulating Punjab and PTI, said dynastic politics have ended in the province.

“Congratulations! The people of Pakistan have spoken! Punjab finally woke up and defeated the forces of the status quo! End of Dynasties from Punjab! No words to enough to thank Allah Almighty!” Dr. Moeed tweeted.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said PML-N has paid a heavy price for the vote of no confidence motion which led to the ouster of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Takhat-e-Punjab went to PTI. It is a victory for former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s narrative. PML-N-led coalition paid the heavy vote of no confidence which to me from the day was a bad move. So, congratulations to Imran and PTI. A wake-up call for prime minister and PML-N,” Mazhar Abbas from Geo tweeted.

Early elections?

Many members of the journalistic community were critical of PML-N due to the controversial vote of no-confidence and later its governance policies. Ever since PML-N came into power, Pakistan has witnessed eye-watering inflation.

Columnist Nadeem Farooq Paracha cited “rampant inflation, risky gamble, and a conspiracy theory” as major reasons behind PML-N’s defeat.

“PML-N was beaten by a cocktail of rampant inflation, a risky gamble, and a conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, congratulations PTI for learning to stand on your own feet,” Nadeem Farooq Paracha tweeted.

Owing to PTI’s stunning victory in the by-elections, PML-N is being advised to admit defeat. Senior journalist Mubashir Zaidi urged PML-N to “gracefully hand over the government.”

“All indications of a sweeping victory for PTI official in Punjab by elections. PML-N must admit the defeat and gracefully hand over the government. Well done Imran Khan,” Mubashir Zaidi tweeted.

Meanwhile, senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan advised PML-N to apologize to the nation and call for an early election. Important to note that Imran Riaz Khan is the most vocal critic of PML-N who had earlier been arrested for what he says was motivated by his refusal to “stop speaking the truth”.

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“The losers have 100 excuses, but the real thing is that you came to power through conspiracy and killed your cases. People hated this act of yours. There is still time to go to the general elections and apologize to the nation,” Imran Riaz tweeted.