A BJP activist has been arrested for arranging a cow urine drinking event touted as a cure and prevention from coronavirus. The arrest came after the volunteer falls sick following the consumption of cow urine.

The victim had filed a complaint after which the arrest happened. According to police officials, 40-year-old Narayan Chatterjee, a local party worker in Kolkata had organized a cow worship program at a cowshed and distributed cow urine. Chatterjee distributed cow urine among people, calling it ‘miraculous’.

Now, BJP leadership strongly protested the arrest of Narayan Chatterjee by the state government.


“Chatterjee had distributed cow urine, but he didn’t fool people in consuming it. When he distributed it he clearly said it was the urine, he didn’t force anyone to drink it. It has not been proved whether it is harmful or not.

“So how can just police arrest him without any reason. This is completely undemocratic,” said one of the BJP state leaders, Sayantan Basu.

This urine has a cure for the life-threatening epidemic of coronavirus claims Hindu Mahasabha President, Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, in his bizarre statement.

While global researchers scramble to devise an effective treatment for novel coronavirus, Hindu Mahasabha President, Swami Chakrapani Maharaj stunned India with his whimsical assertions.


The cow wastes have the cure for novel coronavirus, said Hindu Mahasabha leader in an outrageous statement. Special yagna will be held to “kill the novel coronavirus and end its effects on the world”.

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“Consuming cow wastes will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus. A person who chants Om Namah Shivay and applies cow dung on the body will be saved. A special yagna ritual will soon be performed to kill coronavirus,” said Chakrapani.

Meanwhile, a statement by Hindu Mahasabha leader spurred mockery by Indians on social media.

However, this is not the first time religious Hindu leaders have overemphasized the efficacy of cow wastes.

Indian man Shankar Lal, President of Akhil Bhartiya Gau Sewa Singh, an outfit closely associated with right-wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), made sweeping assertions that cow dung and urine possess extraordinary abilities to absorb harmful radiations, even nuclear ones.