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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Couple caught ‘kissing’ on AirBlue flight: Twitter goes bonkers

The video of the passenger narrating the incident has gone viral on social media. Twitter is in a frenzy as users are divided. Some have voiced disapproval at the public indecency, while others are slamming the complainant for invading the couple's personal space.

Pakistani Twitter is brimmed with discussion on the recent incident of a couple allegedly caught kissing on the Karachi-Islamabad AirBlue flight.

The couple caught the attention of the passengers with one of them officially complaining about the couple to the Civil Aviation Authority.

The video of the passenger narrating the incident went viral on social media and it garnered immense traction on social media. The man said that he complained to the staff and crew of the plane but no action was taken against them. He has now complained about the couple with CAA.


The man said the air hostess asked the couple to desist but they did not refrain, hence, she provided them a blanket. Advocate Bilal Farooq Alvi, the complainant, said that the couple left the plane saying to him, “Who are you to tell us anything”.

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Now, Twitter is inundated with a variety of opinions and arguments on the incident. Some spoke in favor of the couple while others bashed them.

While a large number of people are slamming the complainant for invading the personal space of the couple. The complainant is being mocked and trolled on social media. This group believes that even if the complainant had caught the couple kissing, he should have remained silent on the incident and should not have ‘exposed’ them.




Another group spoke in favor of normalizing ‘Public Display of Affection’ by couples in Pakistan. They believe that ‘Pakistanis have developed hate against love, while if the same man had been beating his wife publicly, nobody would have interfered in the matter.

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These arguments were countered by another set of arguments which says that the couples should act according to the societal norms and behavioral guidelines set for them. Instead of romanticizing the couple, they accused them of ‘debauchery’. Some based their argument on the guidelines set in the religion.


Some said that the couple and the airline management should be sued for flouting COVID-19 SOPs among the public.