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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Covid-19: Nestlé to donate cash & supplies worth Rs. 100 million

After the COVID-19 crisis in Pakistan, Nestle has pledged to donate products and cash. According to the CEO Nestle Pakistan, their employees would also step forward and donate their one day salary for supporting the deserving families.

Nestle Pakistan has stepped up to meet the nutritional needs of both, the affected patients and frontline workers in this crisis. The company has committed a whopping amount of Rs 100 million in its national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of today, Pakistan is housing 2,450 confirmed novel coronavirus patients all over the provinces.

Several companies are stepping up to take responsibility for the current situation and playing their part. As part of the pledge, Nestle Pakistan will give products and cash donations. These will include 4 million servings of milk, iron-fortified dairy products, baby cereals, water and juices.

CEO Nestle Pakistan, Samer Chedid further highlighted their efforts. “We will be mobilizing relief to medical facilities (quarantine centers) and food-delivery organizations serving vulnerable families, worth 100 million rupees, in the form of product and cash donations”. This will take place through national and provincial disaster management authorities along with the local governments.

“We have also joined hands with reputable NGOs in response to their COVID-19 emergency appeals to support deserving people across Pakistan,” Chedid said. “We have invited all our employees to step forward and donate one day’s salary for supporting people going through hard times. The donation intimations by employees will match 1:1 by Nestlé Pakistan.”

Existing public health emergency

It is now clearly established that the coronavirus outbreak is a serious challenge to Pakistan’s medical health care system. One can blame it on a number of shortcomings – lack of funding, ignorance, nepotism, corruption etc. However, the recent influx of medical equipment and the medical team from China shows hope in enhancing the guidance of native doctors.

Moreover, when multinational giants, like Nestle, rise up to support their healthcare professionals, it only shows hope for nationwide growth.

“The current condition of the public health care sector in Pakistan is not less than a national tragedy and a national security issue,” Minister of Health Zafar Mirza said at a seminar in Islamabad earlier this month. He further reminded everyone that Pakistan, together with neighbouring Afghanistan, are the only two countries where the poliovirus remains endemic.

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This shows the futility and even lack of nationwide response to curb epidemic emergencies in the country. However, new actions were taken by the government showing immense improvement in first response to curb the current virus. We commend Nestle Pakistan for their contribution to our country’s interest.