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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

CPEC’s western route alignment near completion

More than 95% of work has so far been completed by NLC on CPEC's western alignment, says a press release.

Maintaining quality performance, The National Logistics Cell (NLC) is giving final touches to one of the most significant component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s (CPEC) western route alignment as more than 95 percent of work gets completed.

The 285-kilometers long Hakla–Dera Ismail Khan Motorway project has been divided into five different packages which were awarded to different construction firms. The NLC is working on Package-1 of the project and will be the first to complete its assigned section of motorway.

Package-1 comprises of 4-lane carriageway having total length of 55 kilometres that starts from Yarik near DI Khan and culminates at Rehmani Khel area.

NLC had been striving for early completion of western alignment of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as one of the top most priorities of the government since quite some time.

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All major infrastructure development works including construction of carriageway, two interchanges (one each at Yarik and Abdulkhel), six underpasses, four bridges and other structures such as accommodation buildings and toll plazas etc have been completed by NLC.

A couple of weigh stations still require some ancillary work which is underway and would be concluded ahead of its scheduled completion date of 31st March.

NLC has also planted 154,000 saplings on right of way along road as the motorway passes through sandy and rugged terrain with little or no forest cover. The plantation is part of ‘Sar Sabz-o-Shadab Pakistan’ afforestation campaign launched by Pakistan Army across the country.

The motorway will not only drastically cut travel distance between Islamabad and DI Khan but also link major highways i.e., N-50 and N-55 at Dera Ismail Khan Junction which would usher in new prospects of socio-economic development in the previously underdeveloped areas of the country. It is worth mentioning here that the areas around the western alignment are known for producing pulses, grains & fruits specially mangoes and dates of superior quality. After completion of this improved connectivity project, vast expanses of North Punjab, South KPK and North West Balochistan will be opened for all kinds of trade activities leading to remarkable improvement in the living standards of people in the entire region.

Despite international propaganda, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is proceeding at a fast pace with lot of successes and new investments.

According to official sources, China and Pakistan recently launched two mega hydroelectric power projects valuing $1.93 billion. The ML-1 railway project has also been finally agreed between the two countries and discussions are now at advanced stages.

Moreover, two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) were signed in the fields of agriculture and science and technology in 2020 between China and Pakistan. On top of that, China also offered to donate a date processing plant for Balochistan. The plant will play a vital role in creating livelihood opportunities for the local people and boosting export earnings for Pakistan.