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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Cricket match of women in Swat halted due to security concerns

Tehsil Nazim Ehsanullah clarified that the decision was not intended to oppose women's sports but was taken to ensure their safety.

A cricket match of women in the Charbagh area of Swat was abruptly halted on Sunday, citing “security concerns” and objections from local residents who believed that women playing sports in open spaces clashed with cultural traditions.

The match featured women’s teams from Kanju and Gulkada and was discontinued due to opposition from the local community regarding women engaging in sports activities.

Tehsil Nazim Ehsanullah clarified that the decision was not intended to oppose women’s sports but was taken to ensure their safety. He suggested that women’s cricket matches could take place in enclosed areas to address the security concerns.

Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Yar criticized the event organizer for not notifying the relevant authorities about the women’s cricket match. Officials, citing security concerns, demanded that the match be rescheduled to guarantee the safety of the players, officials, and others involved.

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Following discussions, the organizer agreed to reschedule the women’s cricket match while considering the security issues, in accordance with Assistant Commissioner Charbagh’s directives.

The deputy commissioner assured that women’s matches would be better organized in the future, according to AC Yar. He also confirmed that the cricket match would be held again in the coming weeks.

Mufti Rafiullah, an administrator of a Madrassa, cited reports of armed groups in the area and threats to the police as reasons for taking action to stop women’s cricket matches. He explained that the decision was made to prevent any potential law and order issues. Mufti Rafiullah stressed that women are an integral part of society and expressed his support for granting them full rights.

The cleric further clarified that women are permitted to participate in sports within the boundaries of Islamic law, emphasizing that their involvement should adhere to these guidelines.