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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Croatian YouTuber discovers Bidet showers in Qatar

Bidet showers became a topic of discussion on Twitter after Croatian YouTuber and influencer found it in a hotel in Qatar.

YouTuber David Vujanic tweeting about the showers said, “Been using the toilet bum shower thing in Qatar for a month…I am horrified we only use toilet paper in the Uk/Europe. This is the best thing ever man.” His tweet amassed massive attention on social media.

People from all over the world have reached Qatar for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Many westerners expressed amusement over discovering the bidet shower commonly known as a Muslim shower in many Muslim countries.

Muslims from all over the world cracked hilarious memes and jokes on his tweet. One social media user welcomed westerners to ‘civilization’. Muslims were quick to reply that they have using these showers for ages in their restrooms.

“I’ve used a bidet in France, it’s decent but it’s too big, this is a simple high-pressure shower head, more functional and easily adaptable. Will be investing when back to London. My bum is very thankful,” said the influencer in his tweet. One Twitter user said “You mean white people don’t use water? I mean how can someone have satisfaction and be at peace by using only toilet paper without water? You are learning what civilization is.

Responding to the hilarious reaction received on social media, Vuj said: “I want this image printed on a T-Shirt…im now the self-proclaimed founder of the Shatafa Ultras group…bum shower fanatics let’s go.”

In another tweet, he said, “Lmao people were beefing over toilet paper during the pandemic when they could have just installed a bum shower.”

Responding to one of the tweets, he called it ‘the greatest invention’. Some even shared the image of the lota to which he described it as “A teapot and bum wash??? Epic”.

Twitter users are in fits watching the reactions of David Vujanic.