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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Cyclists raise £50k for mosque in England

A group of cyclists have raised £50k for the construction of a mosque in their area. The cyclists have been applauded by the people for their heroic efforts and donations.

Twenty-five fundraising cyclists rode from Blackpool to Blackburn in England in order to raise funds for a Mosque and Islamic Centre being constructed in their area.

So far, they have managed to raise as much as £50,000 from the ride, with donations still coming in.

The new building being constructed is set to replace the Islamic Education Centre based on the corner of Addison Street as the main focal point for prayers and religious activities. The project is now in the final stages thanks to the money raised by donors and other fundraisers including the initiative by the cyclists.

On their way back to Blackburn, the group of cyclists were welcomed with confetti and smoke flares as their friends and family cheered for their success.

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A small celebration was also held inside the mosque where the riders and other donors were thanked for their efforts and donations.

A spokesperson for the mosque said: “This has been a fantastic effort by not just who took on the challenge but all the helpers and volunteers.”

“We made good time in the morning and slowed a little as one of the riders was struggling. We all wanted to finish together. Despite that we made it back into Blackburn by 3pm.”

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“We were overwhelmed by the welcome we got and we would like to thank everyone who turned out to support us.”

“We have been raising funds for the mosque through sponsored efforts like this and we would like to thank all the local businesses and the community for continuing to support us.”

The mosque will cater for all those living in the immediate vicinity of the building. It is set to include funeral services as well as extra space for madrassa classes.

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The mosque spokesperson added: “This has been a completely community-focused project with local people taking the lead and helping to raise funds themselves.”