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Monday, April 15, 2024

Cynthia, Ali Gul Pir head over heels for ‘Anday Wala Burger’

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Pakistan’s famous ‘Anday wala burger’ has become a top trend on Twitter after comedian Ali Gul Pir released a short video on social media. In the viral video, Pir demanded the famous eateries to include ‘Anday Wala Burger’ in their menu.

The video shows that Ali Gul Pir visited different eateries in Karachi and asked for the ‘Anday Wala Burger’ but he got upset when he couldn’t find the one in any of the big and fancy eateries in Karachi.

Ali Gul Pir then sharing the video on Twitter and wrote who will serve him Anday Wala Burger. The video soon ensued a social media trend ‘Anday Wala Burger’ that is still trending at the top.

The trend took everyone into its fever and even Cynthia D. Ritchie could not resist tweeting about it.

Ali Gul Pir talking about the trend said that “It was a harmless idea for a short funny video which became viral and started trending,” he laughed. “I think Anday Wala Burger is a very important part of our heritage and we need to it seriously. Why is it always about the Beef burger, Zinger burger, Cheese burger. Who will speak for the much neglected Anday wala burger?”

The McDonald’s, however, took the challenge and responded to Ali Gul Pir’s tweet saying if Ali could gather enough votes, he would get Anday Wala Burger from McDonald’s.

Soon after that netizen in no time made the trend top one, showing their love for Anday Wala Burger.


“The whole country is talking about the #AndayWalaBurger so @McDonaldsPK we got more than “enough support” Now it’s ur time to deliver. I’m coming over to McDonald’s tomorrow with my fans to get my bruger! Enough talk. Will share event page with time n all, #AndayWalaBurger lovers” said Ali Pur as he could see himself winning the bet.

“Going to @McDonaldsPK at 3:30pm today to get my #AndayWalaBurger Hope you are ready McDonald’s to put ur money where you mouth is or it will be very embarrassing for you. Here is the event details’, tweeted Ali Gul Pir.

McDonald seems all happy to welcome Ali.