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Monday, April 15, 2024

Dams: A current political issue – Letter to the Editor

Letter to Editor |
Dam construction is the basic need of Pakistani people, before the elections it was decided by Supreme Court, headed by Cheif Justice Saqib Nisar, to construct two dams Daimer Bhasha and Mohanid dam, but the funds are the main issue causing a hurdle in the construction of dams. A donation Account has been opened for this cause. The People of Pakistan are donating amounts according to their wealth. After the Elections, the PM of Pakistan also enhanced this donation circle to reach the required fund’s target.
Now the issue is that some people of Pakistan along with opposition are criticizing the move for acquiring donations, some are arguing for the recovering of black money from corrupt previous govt officials while the opposition is declaring that the new govt should arrange funds for the dam by any means other than the donation. We need Dams as our survival is at risk. Allah is great this our dream of dam Insha Allah will become true (Ameen).
Sharmeen Farid