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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Darren Sammy says he faced racism in IPL, was called ‘Kaalu’

Darren Sammy said he and Sri Lankan player Thisara Perara were called out with the racial slur of ‘Kaalu’. However, back then he misunderstood the meaning of the word. He made unpleasant revelations in his Instagram story.

West Indian cricketer, Darren Sammy, says he faced racism in IPL. He said someone called him Kaalu when he was playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL.

Darren Sammy complains of racism in IPL

Darren Sammy said he and Sri Lankan player Thisara Perara were called out with the racial slur of ‘Kaalu’. However, back then he misunderstood the meaning of the word. He made unpleasant revelations in his Instagram story. He added that he thought the word meant a strong black man. But now he feels angry as he realized the true meaning of the word. However, Indian cricketers and players of Sunrisers Hyderabad said they are unaware of such an incident.


“I don’t think I have heard anyone using those (derogatory) words,” wicketkeeper-batsman Parthiv Patel said on the revelations of Darren Sammy.

“I’m not very sure… Not aware of it,” said Venugopal Rao, former India batsman and now the director of the Andhra Cricket Association.

Irfan Pathan, the teammate of Darren Sammy, says he did not witness such an incident.

“I was there with him (Sammy) in 2014. I feel had this happened, the matter would have been discussed. So I’m not aware of such things as nothing was discussed more largely. But at the same time, we need to educate our people because I’ve seen them (racial jibes) in domestic cricket,” said Irfan while commenting on the claims of Darren Sammy.

“Some of our cricketers from the south, especially, have faced that in the northern and western parts of the country, though I don’t want to name anyone. “What happens is among the crowd, someone tries to act like a jester. It’s not because people are racist, but it’s like someone trying to be popular by saying something seemingly funny that amounts to crossing the line on certain occasions,” Pathan said.

A senior Indian board official says that Darren Sammy should have reported the incident immediately. Adding that they can still investigate the matter if he wants.

Darren Sammy protests against racism

Darren Sammy’s comment came amid a worldwide campaign against anti-black racism. The death of a black man George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, USA spurred protests.

Meanwhile, Darren Sammy is a cherished and revered international player in Pakistan. He has been playing for franchise Peshawar Zalmi since the inception of PSL.

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Darren Sammy, Peshawar Zalmi skipper, and West Indian player have received Pakistan’s honorary citizenship and highest civil award on Pakistan Day, 23rd March from President Arif Alvi. Darren Sammy’s love for Pakistan comes from the massive popularity and respect he enjoys in Pakistan. He got Kaptaan Sandals as a gift during his last stay in Pakistan.

Death of George Floyd in the USA

The death of 40-year-old George Floyd spiked an uncontrollable public outcry across America. Protestors took to streets and vandalized properties. Demonstrators chanted slogans against black racism and demanded to punish the alleged police officers. Protests spread to other countries including London and Paris- furious citizens demanded justice for George Floyd. Chants of No Justice, No Peace now echoes across the world, as protestors demand to end racism against the black community.

The incident stems from white supremacy, racism, and bigotry against Black Americans. Hence, the upset protestors assert that justice is their due right. A disturbing video shows a white Minneapolis police officer pressing his knee on the neck of George Floyd that caused his death. The video circulated on social media that sparked fury. Also the video shows, a few more police officers stood by the scene and watched George Floyd struggling to breathe.

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Millions of social media users including celebrities expressed their disgust on the death of George Floyd. Trends like #BlackLivesMatter-a slogan that calls for fair treatment of black minorities. While others used #blackoutday or #blackouttuesday on Twitter. People turned internet black in support of the BLM movement that returned to the spotlight after the death of George Floyd.

However, cricketers like Darren Sammy and Chris Gayle are voicing their support to the movement for the rights of the black community.