Daughter of late King Abdullah appears on Vogue Arabia cover, sparks controversy on social media

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Saudi Princess Haifa Bint Abdullah, the daughter of late King Abdullah appeared on the two covers of the Vogue Arabia Magazine. The princess was photographed in the red convertible car in the desert outside the city of Jeddah. Another cover had a vivid image of the princess dressed in red.

The image of the Princess Haifa at the driver’s seat wearing leather gloves and high heels is on the front cover of the Vogue Arabia’s June edition. The issue is dedicated to the “trailblazing women of Saudi Arabia”

The magazine’s cover corresponds to the several steps taken by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman towards the liberation of the women in the Kingdom. The magazine, in particular, hails the uplift of the ban on women’s driving. Saudi women will be allowed to drive this month.

“In our country, there are some conservatives who fear change. For many, it’s all they have known,” Princess Hayfa, the daughter of the late King Abdullah, was quoted as saying in the magazine. “Personally, I support these changes with great enthusiasm,” added the princess.

Surprisingly, the images of Princess Haifa did not go well with the general public as both men and women expressed their dissatisfaction on the covers of the magazine.

Her Royal Highness Haifa Bin Abdullah’s appearance on the magazine cover followed the arrests of 11 female women’s rights activists last month. The detentions are made a month before the women are set to drive on June 24. At least four detainees were released last month but the fate of others remain unclear.

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The arrests have sparked international criticism as various organizations are protesting the apparently ‘unprovoked’ arrests. The aggression of Saudi authorities has cast doubts on their willingness to allow the women to drive.

In the whirlwind of criticism people commented that magazine does not need to celebrate the ‘wrong women’. Other protestors posted the photo of detained activists alongside the image of Princess Haifa Bint Abdullah.


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