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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Daughter of Shireen Mazari ‘back on’ Twitter after criticizing Pakistan Army

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Imaan Mazari, the daughter of Shireen Mazari, the Federal Minister of Human Rights joined Twitter back after a brief deactivation of her account.

It was first assumed that Imaan Mazari deactivated her account due to the pressure. Her mother Shireen Mazari, however, confirmed that her daughter did it temporarily on her own and she believed she would be back on Twitter soon. Shireen Mazari, in her tweet, stated that her daughter would not give in to the pressures.

Journalist Marvi Sirmed in her tweet stated that Imaan Mazari was in fact pressurized to delete her Twitter account.

Shireen Mazari said that there was no such pressure on her daughter.

Imaan Mazari, however, activated her Twitter account and made a series of tweets in which she explained her experience of deactivating her account.

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“After things spiraled out of control yesterday, I decided to take a step back to collect my thoughts. One cannot even begin to explain the effect of these pressure tactics on one’s nerves (no matter how strong we believe ourselves to be). My intention is never to hurt,” she tweeted.

Imaan Mazari apparently deactivated her Twitter account after reacting to the canceling of the Indo-Pak meeting by the Indian government. Imaan lashed out at Pakistan’s armed forces for funding the militants in Occupied Kashmir against Indian Army.

Imaan Mazari is already known for her anti-army tweets. She has several times resorted to harsh tones while criticizing Pakistan Army.