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Monday, April 15, 2024

Dear Imran Khan: Hunt or Be Hunted

Dear Prime Minister, I watch from a distance as the vessel sails into an abyss, the deck is stacked, the rules are rigged – and you the dear one, are in the thick of it. There are two potential outcomes:

#1 You’ll continue to push against the plunderers, the corrupt, the subverts, the looters, the encroachers, the feudals, the plutocrats, the target killers, the drug smugglers, the incompetent, the seditious, the traitors, the pharmaceutical mafia, the land mafia, the narcotics mafia, the human trafficking mafia, the arms trade mafia, the FOREX mafia, the timber mafia, the oil mafia, the illegal offshore asset holders, the fake account holders, and the bonafide enemies of the state both at home and abroad – and push for the full 5 years and vanquish this torn, weak, depressed, oppressed, plundered, desperate, and frail nation.

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#2 you’ll give up, relent, relax on the above challenges due to your political needs and throw us all under the bus and to the wolves. In which case the dear one, they’ll hunt you down. The hyenas and the vultures have already ganged up, their differences have been put aside as they unite to fight to protect their loot and plunder from the jaws of public accountability. Their ‘paltoo’ media, the anchors, the opinion makers, the analysts, the columnists are being lined up to undermine, malign, discredit, and destabilize you.

The dogs of war have been unleashed, their horses oiled, massaged, watered, and saddled. The bells are ringing; the drums of war can be heard beyond the castle. They’ve come to reclaim their plunder and power. Their foreign friends and allies watch for an opportunity when you relent, show a sign of weakness or offer an undue peace. Will there be a War? – Damn right there’s going to be. It’s been a long time coming.

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What you have to decide now is if you’re going to hunt, or you’re going to be hunted down.