Declining standard of Pakistani politics

If this country wants development, the people from the middle class must take part in politics. They are the only one who can bring development to the country; otherwise, you all are witnessing how our political tycoons go to London and Dubai for their routine check-ups. They only work for themselves.

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According to Islam Politics is a very sacred profession. It was the practice of Sahabis and Khalifas. We live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which was made in the name of Islam and its slogan is ‘Pakistan ka Matlab kea Lailah illah’, but now in this Pakistan which people refer to ‘state of Madina’ is in hands of dirty politicians. Pakistan faced a lot of political scandals, but nowadays Pakistan is facing very dirty politics. No one is ready to face own consequences. Each and every party and its leaders play politics only to assail each other. They don’t want to stabilize the country.

They are only trying to show the corridors of power over the political regime. They change the regime only for themselves to show themselves as kingmakers. They use religion only for politicking like ‘thora sa Islamic touch day dain’. They make allies to achieve their dominancy over Parliament for making their Prime Minister but also require sureties from other allied parties and institutions only for their face-saving as well. This is not a political way to orchestrate policies. These Politicians have the privilege to maintain their hold so they made politics dirty.

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However, no profession is dirty

People make the profession filthy from the start of Pakistan from the assassination of Liaquat Ali khan to the judicial murder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Our history is full of political chaos. No one is ready to accept real and natural leadership. Everyone who has power is trying to make artificial Leadership only to maintain their dominancy. If this country gets natural leadership then the kismet of whole country will change rapidly. The country will start developing with leaps and bounds.

Further, in our country, the elites never support natural leadership. They conceal them only to maintain their plutocracy. They know how to rule over people. They are applying the formula of ‘divide and then rule’. Let’s see how elites and bureaucrats applied proxies for each other and hijacked our whole political system. Firstly, Liaquat Ali Khan ruled from 14 August 1947 to 16 October 1951. He was a NAWAB and first prime Minister of Pakistan. Likewise, Khawaja Nazimuddin ruled from 17 October 1951 to 17 April 1953. He was also NAWAB. Muhammad Ali Bogra ruled from 17 April 1953 to 12 August 1955. He was a Bureaucrat. Chaudhry Muhammad Ali ruled from 12 August 1955 to 12 September 1956.

He was a Feudal lord. Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy ruled from 12 September 1956 to 17 October 1957. He was also a Feudal lord. Feroz Khan Noon ruled from 16 December 1957 to 7 October 1958. He was feudal. All of them belong to the elite families of Pakistan.No one is from the working class or middle class this kind of leadership never solved the problems of common people. They don’t know about the problems of people who are living in slums. They don’t know how the middle class suffers. They only see the luxuries of life.

Whenever do we start blaming how Pakistan will progress or why is the government not working for the poor and middle-class? So, the answer is people of Pakistan and Pakistan itself have a lot of capability to do many things for its public but the main point is if the youth of the middle-class and working-class joins the politics, these elites and political tycoons brainwash the youth of the working class by saying that if you belong to middle-class your only work is to support us to maintain their hype.

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These elites work covertly to keep the youth of the middle class away from politics

They know if they entered into politics, they will work for themselves and for the poor or working class with full zeal and zest without any greed for fame and money like they know how they suffer all the time. So, when they take over politics, they will bring huge change. Let me give an example an area has only feudal and poor classes, then there will be no development because when the elite needs basic education, health facilities, etc they will move to big cities or developed countries to meet their basic necessities while the poor class can do nothing because they don’t have resources and voice to raise these issues only because of fear of elite and lack of education, so there will be no development.

On the other hand, if an area has elites, middle-class and poor then the middle-class will never leave their city or town to meet these necessities because of their limited resources, so they demand schools, hospitals and all other things which are basic necessities from the government because they are educated one. They know the life of elites as well as the poor class so they demand all the things which are their requirement like this.

If this country wants development, the people from the middle class must take part in politics. They are the only one who can bring development to the country; otherwise, you all are witnessing how our political tycoons go to London and Dubai for their routine check-ups. They only work for themselves. They know that they came into power by using their resources so whenever they get the government they only work for themselves and their allies. They know how to rule with money. If we all Pakistanis need change, we will have to start doing work by ourselves and make ourselves an example for others. It is the rule of life. If you want to bring change in society first of all bring change in yourselves.



The writer is an alumnus of Forman Christian College Lahore. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.


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