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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence

On August 14, 1947, while the Muslims of many regions of the subcontinent were busy celebrating the joy of getting a separate homeland, on the other hand, Muslims of many Hindu majority regions were busy thinking about the issue of migration.

Pakistan came into existence on 14 August 1947. This is the result of the efforts of the great founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and other leaders including Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, and other eminent personalities. The coming into existence of the state of Pakistan is not the result of a miracle, but the reward of the sacrifices of millions and millions of people.

On August 14, 1947, while the Muslims of many regions of the subcontinent were busy celebrating the joy of getting a separate homeland, on the other hand, Muslims of many Hindu majority regions were busy thinking about the issue of migration. During migration, millions of Muslims were displaced, and millions of women were raped, and many innocent Muslims were killed. Many people went missing during this migration, many of whom are still unaccounted for.

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Independence of Pakistan

According to the founder, Pakistan is an incomplete division of the Indian subcontinent by the British. Even today, many Muslim-majority areas and independent states, which declared their accession to Pakistan, are still under the illegal rule of India. The states of Kashmir, Junagarh, and Hyderabad are included.

Throughout the country from 1947 to 2022, this nation always celebrates its Independence Day with great enthusiasm even in case of any calamity. Whether it was a tragedy like the fall of Dhaka that rocked the country, whether it was the devastating earthquake of 2005 or terrorist acts, the citizens of the Republic of Pakistan always celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and proved that Pakistanis, the nation have always been a living nation, a progressive nation.

On the occasion of Independence Day, there is an Eid-like atmosphere all over the country and important buildings in the country are lit up and decorated with electric lanterns. The morning begins with prayers in the mosques and gun salutes. Various events are organized in government and non-government buildings regarding National Independence Day.

The happiness of children is also visible on this day and preparations are started from the beginning of August. New badges are purchased and the national flag of Pakistan is worn proudly on the chest. Streets, neighborhoods, and houses are decorated with flags and green crescent flags. The purpose is that on the day of independence there is a green spring and all the nations celebrate the joy of independence regardless of sects, groups, and religions.

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During independence celebrations, some anarchists raise objections as to why so much public money and time is wasted on these celebrations. For the information of these people, there is a famous saying “Those nations that forget history, history forgets those nations”. This day of independence reminds and pays homage to all those people who made great sacrifices for this nation and the beloved country of Pakistan and played an important role in achieving freedom. Pakistan is not the only state that celebrates its independence with enthusiasm, all living nations celebrate their Independence Day celebrations with enthusiasm and there is nothing special about it.

Diamond Jubilee of Independence and Current Political Conditions

The Diamond Jubilee of Independence of Pakistan will be celebrated on August 14, 2022. In this regard, national song competitions are being organized with the support of the Ministry of Information and ISPR. The main reason for organizing a national song competition is to raise awareness in the nation and to convey the messages regarding the establishment of Pakistan and independence to the entire nation easily.

In the current situation, Pakistan is going through a critical period where there is a situation of political and economic instability in the country. Due to the occurrence of climate change, people in most parts of the country are facing disasters due to floods. These victims are in dire need of help right now and Independence Day will bring joy to these withered faces.

Pakistan Army has always been engaged in helping its nation continuously and indiscriminately. The Pakistan Army is still continuing relief operations in Balochistan, the province most affected by the floods. 6 officers and jawans of the Pakistan Army have lost their lives in a helicopter accident during flood relief operations. In these celebrations of independence, the entire nation salutes and pays homage to all its defenders. The Pakistani nation has always loved its army keeping its political views aside. Because the nation knows its real protectors and always loves them.

May Allah Ta’ala give Pakistan and the Pakistani nation double day and night quadruple development and destroy all enemies.

Pakistan Zindabad.



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