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Friday, May 17, 2024

Did PTI leader spark Presidential form of govt debate?

A Presidential form of government would introduce a unitary form of government, wherein, the entire Constitution, 1973, would be required to be rewritten.

Leader of the House in Senate Dr Shahzad Waseem Monday categorically denied any association with the debate initiated on media, social media regarding Presidential form of government.

“I categorically deny any link with the debate initiated on social media,” he said while commenting on a resolution moved by opposition in the Senate on the issue.

He said that it was the stance of the PTI government from day one that fake news was being circulated to create confusion.

He was of the view that as per the consensus document, the Constitution of Pakistan, a parliamentary system in place in the country.

He was of the view that based on media-trend; the resolution should have not been brought in the House as it could encourage the elements involved in circulating fake news.

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He underlined the need for holding an intellectual debate, within the constitutional parameters, to improve the parliamentary system of democracy.

Meanwhile, the House passed three resolutions, one of which noted that a systematic campaign in a section of the media and social media was being run to undermine the Federal Parliamentary form of Government.

The House took cognizance that such a campaign was propagating a Presidential form of Government, recalling that “the Founder of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, envisages a Federal Parliamentary form of Government as his vision for Pakistan.”

It further recalled that the people of Pakistan had relentlessly struggled and sacrificed for a Federal Parliamentary form of government.

“Conscious of the fact, that Pakistan is a participatory federation,” the resolution said Emphasizing that the Constitution, 1973 envisaged Pakistan to be a Federation, with a Parliamentary form of Government, trichotomy of power, independence of the judiciary, provincial autonomy and fundamental rights for its citizens.

The resolution observed that a Presidential form of government would introduce a unitary form of government, wherein, the entire Constitution, 1973, would be required to be rewritten.

It resolved to preserve and protect the Parliamentary form of government as envisaged in the Constitution, 1973.

In another resolution, which was passed unanimously, read “The Senate of Pakistan recognizes the significance of Parliamentary Diplomacy concerning smooth and efficient conduct of parliamentary relations and forging socioeconomic, political, strategic and cultural contacts amongst the Parliaments in general and States in particular in pursuance to the national interest.

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The Senate of Pakistan further acknowledged the vital role played by the members of Parliament in raising voices on issues of common interests through effective participation in bilateral and multilateral parliamentary forum including International Parliamentary Union, Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and Asian Parliamentary Assembly.

The House, therefore, recommended that Members of Parliament who had been accredited/designated by the Foreign Governments be appointed as Honorary Consul General of the particular country in Pakistan to strengthen the existing people-to-people contact and improve bilateral/multilateral relations in above areas.”

In third resolution, the House highlighted importance rail connectivity amongst the neighboring countries for revenue generation, promotion of business and tourism.

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The House recommended that the government should take steps for running passenger/freight trains between Quetta and Zahidan to facilitate travelling of ziareen, tourists and business community from Pakistan to Iran and boost trade on the analogy of recently resumed freight service from Pakistan to Turkey via Iran.”

Courtesy: APP