Did you believe this when you were growing up?

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A new trend is taking place globally and people have been publishing tweets about the superstitious beliefs they grew up with, #ThingsIBelievedInAsAChild, and it is hilarious.

Following are few selected tweets which contain the #ThingsIBelieveInAsAChild.

“Divinity” had to be very careful when eating an orange, because:


“Big Boss” believed whistling had to be done during the day:


Levi thought height was tied to jumping:

How does the TV work?:


If you see a horse passing by:


You had to wear your “Sunday best” on, well, a Sunday:


“#Avantgardehipster” believed:


One user shared the following photo to accompany his tweet:


Say what?:


Where do babies come from?:


How can the refrigerator light turn on by itself?


How do you spot rich folks?


If you don’t want to be toothless all your life…


“DJASH” thought:


Check the weather report before you wear red:

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