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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Direct Hajj flights begin from Quetta

Direct Hajj flights from Quetta bring relief to the pilgrims, reducing travel expenses and travel time..

Direct Hajj flights begin from Quetta city in a significant development to provide relief to Hajj pilgrims. 145 pilgrims left Quetta for Saudi Arabia last night as Hajj operations are in full swing.

The pilgrims from Quetta reached Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Direct Hajj flights from Quetta bring relief to the pilgrims, reducing travel expenses and travel time. Earlier pilgrims had to travel to Karachi from Quetta for boarding Hajj flights. Currently, Hajj operations from Pakistan are underway in 10 cities in Pakistan.

PK 747 successfully landed on the runway of Quetta International Airport before heading to Madina with 145 pilgrims onboard. Earlier, PK-6133 and PK-6137 had facilitated the journey of 300 pilgrims to Madina.

Pilots also expressed delight regarding the experience of landing on Quetta’s Airport’s state-of-the-art CAT-II during nighttime.

The spokesperson of Civil Aviation Authority spokesperson has mentioned the recent developments to the Quetta’s runway. The runway now runs at the length of 12,000 feet, allowing for more operations. The installation of the advanced CAT-II airfield lighting system on the new runway guarantees smooth operations in various weather conditions.

These developments at the Quetta airport have made the landing of wide-body aircraft, including the Boeing 777, comfortable on the runway.

Moreover, a toll-free call center has also been launched to facilitate the Hajj pilgrims in Makkah. The toll-free call center will register and solve the problems of the pilgrims.

“A group of ten individuals has been working in shifts of 12 hours each at the center to address pilgrim’s complaints,” says Section Officer (WEC) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Beenish Ashraf Tahir.

“The center has five exclusive telephone lines for registering complaints.”

“Up until now, they have received over 20 complaints of a minor nature, which includes concerns regarding the taste of food, accommodation, and others,” Beenish mentioned.

Pilgrims are asked to contact these numbers:  0567117032, 0567119580, 0567117063, 0567117063, and 0567119548 for assistance.