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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Disheartened Azam Khan deletes his Instagram posts

Disheartened by criticism, young Pakistani cricketer Azam Khan deletes his Instagram posts. The cricketer was receiving vitriol and repugnant comments on his social media, following his lackluster performance in the series against England.

The cricketer was body-shamed in an online hate campaign against him. Media sources also report that the cricketer is upset after what transpired against him at the end of the series. Fitness and maintaining a balanced weight required for an athlete has been a problem for Azam Khan.


Cricketer Azam Khan receives immense backlash on social media for his failed performance against England in the last match of the Pakistan-England T20I series. Sadly, Pakistan lost the series against England.

Azam Khan had replaced Muhammad Rizwan for wicket-keeping in the series. However, the cricketer could not live up to the expectations as he dropped two crucial catches that cost the team the match and the series.

Azam Khan is the son of renowned Pakistani cricketer Moin Khan. Questions have been raised regarding this selection in the team following his consecutive failed performances in the matches.

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“Azam Khan is the best example of nepotism in our country. Mediocrity rules here in every department. Shameless people who persisted with him must be charged and sentenced. This is a criminal act, not a simple mistake,” said journalist Mubashir Lucman.

Meanwhile, netizens and sports fans targeted him for his poor fitness. They have again suggested Azam Khan get fit to play international matches.

Meanwhile, Rashid Latif talking to Geo News demanded the return of Muhammad Rizwan as the wicket-keeper in the team.

“The team has two wicketkeepers, Usman Khan and Rizwan. I suggest that wicketkeeping should be done by a senior player,” he said, stressing that the wicketkeeper is the captain’s most important asset as he is in the best position to observe the game from behind the batsmen and duly assist the skipper.