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Monday, April 15, 2024

Divas of Bollywood slammed on Social Media for Cosmetic Surgery

It is not just about the layman but social media have more than often been cruel to the celebrities as well. This time it is Priyanka Chopra, Sonal Chauhan, Shruti Hassan and Ayesha Takia who are extensively being demonized for their cosmetic surgeries were done.

The celebrities instantly came under the canons of trolling by their followers, as soon as they shared pictures on their social media accounts.

Priyanka was harshly criticized for getting her lips job done when she posted her close up the picture, where one of her followers commented, “Why do they even get their lips were done, They look so weird!”


Summer lovin… #carfiesunday

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The actress, however, refusing to endorse or deny such claims and unmistaken gave a shut up call to all the trolls by saying, “I don’t care. I get so much love from people on social media – I focus on that.”

Sonal Chauhan too, on the other hand, was mercilessly trolled for getting her lips augmentation done. Though the actress gave a lengthier response than PeeCee to her trollers, it was evident that the girl hasn’t taken the criticism easily. Here is what she said,

“When I read those reports, it was hilarious. You can have a bad make-up day or maybe you are on your periods, and look bloated. We are humans and there could be days when you put on some extra weight. But that does not mean that you have done something to your lips. Honestly, looking at those pictures, I didn’t see any difference in how I look,

She further added that people should avoid jumping to conclusions, without knowing the facts

Shruti Hassan, too in the same vein, avoided silence and said, “It’s my face, my body. What I do with it is nobody’s business. What people write about me on social media does not bother me. I am not answerable to anyone,” she said.

Earlier Aisha Takia too was faced with similar remarks when a picture of her appeared on social media for having to get done her Botox and lips filler. How Aisha reacted was something different from how her other fellow actresses reacted.

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“I didn’t even feel that I should react to them, so I just laughed off those comments on my Instagram posts. I won’t say I totally ignored them, but I didn’t let them play with my mind. Everyone gets trolled. And these people, who say all sorts of stupid things while judging us, are not even known by their names.”