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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Do we realize it? A humble request for all Pakistanis

Brig (r) Naseem Khan, a prominent security consultant, laments how we must realize that internal destabilization is always a prelude to external security threats, so evident under the prevailing scenario. Our internal fault lines are very tactfully exploited by the vested interests, creating a two-front war scenario for the security forces to handle.

I am not into politics, nor I am an intellectual with huge degrees in political science or strategic studies. But unfortunately, being an eye witness to much of what has been happening in our country in the name of democracy during the last about three decades, it is an awful experience of sitting in front of the TV, watching ‘make or break’ political drama serials 24/7. With lips clamped tightly and waiting for miracles to happen to keep our country safe, is extremely torturous.

It’s not only the frustration that kills me, but it is also a fear of the unknown which I can smell because of some insight knowledge based on my experience stretching over four decades while I was in service and my interactions with well-known international strategists/security professionals from around the world while I live abroad for last about nine years.

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Is Pakistan being made a target of conspiracies?

This morning when I came downstairs at my residence and was waiting for my cup of tea before I left for my office, a glance at the news on a Pakistani TV channel, practically pinched my conscious. I really felt guilty that I was also one of many Pakistanis who are generally aware of the game plans being implemented in our country yet remain silent spectators to the torturous tumble that we are experiencing, as a nation.

As they say, too much of knowledge about the inside stories makes the pinch more difficult to bear. For viewers in general, this may all be a part of a democratic process, but for those who are aware of the conspirators pulling the strings and the likely consequences of such a mess, it is a very scary episode to watch.

Watching the actors manipulating the present turmoil, openly fuelling the fire through speeches, talk shows and addressing press conferences, advocating democracy, Islam and linking all these with our national interests, seems very intriguing. It quickly reminds me of having seen many of these faces somewhere in the past with my own eyes, sitting in the laps of their foreign handlers, receiving guidelines and swindling millions of dollars from abroad offered to them on the behest of their masters to work on anti-Pakistan themes.

I am not hinting at any particular segment of our political system for these unpatriotic doings. Unfortunately, the successive governments in the past, whether democratic or military, generally deserved to be blamed for this deplorable state of affairs, in one way or the other. It has been their short-sighted policies focused on timely gains that allowed the international manipulators to infiltrate amongst different segments of our society, the political mafia, the institutions and even amongst the religious clerics who are misusing strong religious sentiments amongst the masses.

The situation is almost a repeat of what happened in many other well-established Muslim states during past few decades. Pakistan being the only Muslim nuclear state, has also been a priority target but managed to survive the onslaught due to some carefully planned strategic maneuvers. However, with the regime change episodes being continuously perpetrated by the international game players to support their perceived world order, we are also heading towards serious consequences.

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We must realize that internal destabilisation is always a prelude to external security threats, so evident under the prevailing scenario. Our internal fault lines are very tactfully exploited by the vested interests, creating a two front war scenario for the security forces to handle.

We are getting late in apprehending the gravity of the situation

Uncertainty is killing. If small political pressure groups created in the past during various regimes for political manipulation, have suddenly turned into notorious blackmailers on both sides, yet not been able to take a clear-cut stance, how could we expect China and our other foreign allies to stand boldly with us and stay committed on joint ventures?

The schedule for this ongoing onslaught in Islamabad is also very intriguing. Prime Minister’s recent visit to Russia, CPEC nearing completion and OIC’s conference scheduled during this month, are the hot targets to be neutralised. We must not forget, US debacle in Afghanistan was a great shock to her perceived world order which is already experiencing serious tremors. Pakistan remains the centre of gravity in each case. God help us under this threatening scenario.

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My humble request to all who get to read this post will be to please realize that it is not the time to remain a silent spectator. We all need to get out of our preconceived thought processes and make everyone in our reach, stand against these paid perpetrators from playing on the tunes of the international power brokers and helping them fulfill their agenda at our cost. God forbid, if we fail to take a bold stance in these testing times today, we should get ready to be another Syria, Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Resultantly, we will have to mentally prepare ourselves to live under Indian hegemony, which is being propelled by US as the ‘Sole Security Provider’ in this region. God save us from such a doomed day!!!



Brig (r) Naseem Khan is a prominent security consultant based in Dubai and a known columnist. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.