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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Do You Know Who I am? Furious Ali Rehman lashed out at restaurant employee

A video of Ali Rehman lashing at the restaurant employee broke the internet; the video is getting mixed responses from social media users. It started a new debate: Should anyone be treated this way by celebrities?

A video of ‘Heer Man Jaa’ actor Ali Rehman lashing out at a manager of a local restaurant in a viral video. The video has been released on social media and appears from the middle of the altercation between Rehman and a cashier at the restaurant.

Ali Reham seems to be purportedly offended by something said by the cashier. While Rehman screamed, the cashier is seen making efforts to calm the actor.


“Am I joking with you? Do you talk like this to every man who comes here?” The cashier meekly responds to him saying, “Sir, please don’t be upset.”

Despite requests from the cashier, enraged Rehman continued yelling at the cashier while standing at the restaurant counter.

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“Do you know who I am? Have you ever seen me on television?” The question is followed by another “please don’t be upset, Sir.”

Rehman then angrily reminded the cashier that he is the employee and he has to follow what he says.

“Don’t be upset? You are an employee and it is your job to do whatever I say.”

“I agree Sir,” responds the cashier as Rehman’s voice overpowers his, yet again, “All of these people are doing their job here.”

The argument, however, ended after Rehman said, “I’m paying.” Rehman was left awestruck and went silent when he realized he was being recorded by another customer standing at the counter.

Rehman with baffled expressions turning to the customer recording the video was also captured. The video immediately ended when Rehman said ‘excuse me’ to the person recording the video.

The social media is upset over the uncontrolled rage showed by Ali Rehman on the restaurant’s cashier. Moreover, enforcing his celebrity status to an ordinary citizen offended his fans and followers.

Many social media users described his behavior as arrogant. Others, however, held that Ali Rehman’s explanation must be heard before jumping to conclusions and bashing him.