In a candid TV interview with 60 minutes, listen to former President Barrack Obama explain to the anchor that he paid for everything in his home (when living at the White House) including groceries from toothpaste to toilet paper and dry cleaning from his own pocket.

He said it upset him that people thought that the American government paid for him and his family when they went on vacation. He clarified this was all paid by him out of his own pocket. Only security men who had to accompany him were paid by the public funds.

While the first families don’t have to pay rent when staying at the White House, they are responsible for all personal costs. There was no free breakfasts, lunched or dinner for Presidents on any day. It’s a longstanding practice. A president pays for meals for himself, his family and personal guests.

The White House usher’s office prepares a detailed bill and sends it to the President and to the first lady each month. It lists all the food and beverages consumed by the first family and personal guests. The president then reimburses the government.

Does Prime Minister Nawaz or Chief Ministers of Pakistan’s provinces do this? Alas no!


  1. Did any of the previous PM’s pay for personal expenses? Not everything is about Nawaz. Stop this misleading rhetoric. Fix the laws and then ask such idiotic questions!

  2. Who will fix these laws? Obviously by the government, and I don’t think so any person/ Party have that much courage to do these brave steps. One more thing do we people in our offices pay for our toilet tissues and cup of tea and how badly we use tissue in our offices? Being as a nation we need lots of lots of training…

  3. Please read your history books and the famous incidence in which Jinnah was asked by his secretary about whether to serve tea or coffee during meetings and he replied – those that want to drink should drink at home before they come to government…..This particular issue is not stupid — it is very important – do politicians pay for their personal expenses — there is nothing in the law that says people of pakistan have to pay for their expenses!


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