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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Donald Trump Used to Be Against the Electoral College — Until He Won Because of It

He once called it “a disaster for a democracy.” Now, he thinks it’s “genius.”

The Electoral College isn’t exactly one of America’s favorite institutions — and up until recently, it appeared Donald Trump wasn’t its biggest fan, either. When President Barack Obama was re-elected for his second term back in 2012, Trump took to Twitter to express his outrage, tweeting out his belief that the Electoral College is “a disaster for a democracy.”


At the time, Obama had secured the necessary 270 electoral votes and been declared the winner of the election, while Mitt Romney was ahead in the popular vote — something Trump believed to be a “great and disgusting injustice.” (Obama ultimately won both the popular vote and the majority of electoral votes.)


But perhaps realizing that this “different system” was largely responsible for his victory, he took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his newfound belief that the Electoral College is “actually genius” — a complete 180 from his opinions just a few years ago.

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