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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Dr. Firdous: Pakistani Media must counter Indian Propaganda on Kashmir

Addressing the one-year performance ceremony of the PTI government, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan urged all media platforms to launch a collective effort to counter Indian propaganda and promote the national narrative on the human rights violations being committed across Indian-occupied Kashmir.

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Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, on Sunday, urged the print and electronic media platforms across Pakistan to collectively further the national narrative on the Kashmir dispute to counter the propaganda emanating from India.

Addressing a ceremony to commemorate the one-year performance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led (PTI) government, held at the Prime Minister Secretariat. Dr. Firdous stated that raising voice for the oppressed people of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) is a priority for the PTI-led government, and the newspapers and broadcasting platforms are also expected to make it a priority.

Counter Indian Propaganda

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister said, “Indian media has targeted Pakistan with a malignant propaganda campaign, while depicting the fascist leader, Narendra Modi as a national hero.” Dr. Firdous stated that the Pakistani media and news channels need to undertake a united effort to counter the negative Indian narrative, and promote the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination.

She said that the PTI government encourages complete freedom for the media, and the media has an instrumental role to play, being the eyes and ears of the public. The Prime Minister has cemented a liberal stance towards press freedom, and the PTI-led government is dedicated to facilitating media outlets in every possible manner.

Dr. Firdous thanked all the media entrepreneurs and senior journalists for extending their support in promoting national unity and harmony on the various issues in the aftermath of the ongoing escalations of violence and violations in occupied Kashmir.

Special Assistant to the PM on Information also lauded the effective role played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the ongoing crisis. She commended the Foreign Office for successfully countering all conspiracies and propaganda emanating from India. She noted that after five decades, Pakistan has succeeded in deliberating the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations Security Council.

The premier has defined the policies and objectives of the ministries, and measures are being taken to make these ministries people-friendly and enhance their capability to solve problems, and lead Pakistan towards growth and prosperity.

Dr. Firdous said, “India failed in its endeavor to stop the meeting of the UNSC on the Kashmir issue, and now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a focal group to further the effort of opening a debate on the Kashmir issue in the next session of the UN Security Council.” Dr. Firdous also expressed gratitude to the leadership of the opposition parties for promoting the national narrative on Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Media Infrastructural Advancements & Reforms

Dr. Firdous noted that the PTI-led government has introduced multiple innovations and modern structural reforms in all media platforms, including the Pakistan Television (PTV), Radio Pakistan, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Press Information Department (PID) and other publicity departments.

She said, “The efforts of the PTI government have erected Pakistan Television (PTV) into an autonomous body, while previously, it was merely functioning as a parking lot for the ambitions of a handful for journalists who reaped heavy income packages.” Dr. Firdous noted that the PTI leadership found PTV surrounded with a grave financial crisis, and today, it has emerged as a profitable organization.

Firdous stated that the government is determined to transform the APP news agency into an innovative press organization by encouraging collaborations with international news agencies. She said, “The Video News Service (VNS) of the APP is also being upgraded to bring it in line with international standard broadcasting services, focused on delivering a moderate and soft image of Pakistan.”

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She stated PID and Radio Pakistan is also being equipped with modern infrastructure and structural techniques to elevate its standards. She further added that the government has announced structural reforms in the External Publicity (EP) Wing to ensure that the Pakistan diaspora abroad is well aware of the affairs of the country.

She noted that measures are being taken to enhance the performance of Pakistani press counselors abroad. The EP wing is designed to provide a platform that will promote Pakistan’s cultural heritage, developmental projects, and assist foreign journalists in identifying the positivity in Pakistan.

People-Friendly Ministries

Dr. Firdous stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan has monitored the performance of every ministry, and measures have been undertaken to restructure and innovate each ministry. The premier has defined the policies and objectives of the ministries, and measures are being taken to make these ministries people-friendly and enhance their capability to solve problems, and lead Pakistan towards growth and prosperity.

She stated that the information ministry has been empowered with modern technologies and reforms to stay abreast with the present-day formats, and measures have been taken for the capacity building of the departments functioning within the ministry. She noted that the Information Ministry has welcomed a social media wing, which is tasked with using electronic and print media to disseminate news.