Dr Gill schools Rohail Asghar for his remarks on abusive Punjabi culture

Dr Gill said it was not the culture of Punjab at all as Punjab was the land of Sufi saints like Baba Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah.

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Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill Wednesday strongly condemned the PML-N lawmaker’s remarks on the culture of Punjab province.

In a reaction video over PML-N MNA Sheikh Rohail Asghar’s remarks that ‘using abusive language is the culture of Punjab’, he said such people were using abusive language against their political opponents only for political gains.

He said it was not the culture of Punjab at all as Punjab was the land of Sufi saints like Baba Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah.

He said the culture of Punjab was peace and love. He said the PML-N lawmaker should feel ashamed of his remarks and should not defame the whole Punjabi culture.

PML-N responsible for creating chaos in NA, Gill

The Pakistan National Assembly witnessed some unruly scenes on Tuesday over Prime Minister Imran Khan Government’s budget proposals. During the sitting of the House, members of the treasury and opposition benches created chaos on the floor and even abused each other, according to a video of the incident. The proceedings of the lower house were adjourned by the Speaker after the incident.

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The situation in the parliament led political commentators and analysts to question the state of Pakistani democracy. Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Prime Minister’s Adviser on Political Communication, told Dr. Moeed Pirzada in his show on 92 News that the tradition of creating mess in the assembly was introduced by the former ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), on the day Prime Minister Imran Khan took his oath.

“Let me tell you how all this started. When the premier took his oath in 2018, they [PML-N] did not allow him speak even a single word. We tried our best to remain calm but now we have decided to respond them in the same currency,” he said.

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