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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Dr. Ishrat Hussain pens down lessons for Sindh economy

JS Bank management hosted the book launch of the groundbreaking treatise, titled “The Economy of Modern Sindh: Opportunities Lost and Lesson for the Future”, authored by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Aijaz A. Qureshi, and Nadeem Hussain.

In line with its agenda to promote regional arts and literacy, JS Bank hosted a book talk on “The Economy of Modern Sindh: Opportunities Lost and Lesson for the Future”, authored by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Aijaz A. Qureshi and Nadeem Hussain.

The ceremony was attended by President & CEO – JS Bank, Basir Shamsie, Chief of Staff JS Bank Imran Shaikh, and professors and students from the Sindh University. The event was also covered by media personalities and newsmen.

The Economy of Modern Sindh is an extensive treatise that launches an inquiry into the various aspects that constitute the economy of Sindh. It brings to light the socio-economic challenges faced by the people of Sindh, and puts forward a multi-faceted strategy to address these problems effectively.

Ishrat Hussain is a renowned Pakistani economist and banker, and has penned down several highly acclaimed books and treatises outlining the course of economic progress and financial challenges. From 2008 to 2016, Ishrat Hussain served as the dean of the Institute of Business Administration, and before that, he served as the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, from 1999 to 2006. Presently, Mr. Hussain is an Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan for Institutional Reforms & Austerity.

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Speaking on the occasion, Basir Shamsie, President & CEO JS Bank said, “JS Bank strongly supports progressive and sustainable initiatives for engaging the people of Pakistan. The modern economy of Sindh reflects back into the time where Sindh was the center of economic progress and how it has lost its competitive advantage to other provinces today.”

He continued, “The book proposes fine measures that will contribute significantly towards the economic revival of Sindh and further help regain its lost stature. We at JS Bank strive to highlight Pakistani authors and their work.”

JS Bank’s Initiatives

Over the years, JS Bank has exhibited itself as a powerful force in the corporate world, and its thoughtful corporate social responsibility initiatives have allowed it to emerge as a community leader across Pakistan. From fighting climate change to empowering young professionals, JS Bank Group has joined hands with multiple local and international partners to spread the message of social and environmental change.

This recent book launch is yet another example of JS Bank’s efforts and initiatives to reach out the public and promote empowerment by facilitating education and awareness. The newly launched book, The Economy of Modern Sindh: Opportunities Lost and Lesson for the Future, is a powerful read for those who seek to understand the economic challenges of modern-day Sindh.

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From young professionals to the modern-day entrepreneurs, traders, and merchants, the book offers a comprehensive overview of how the province can overcome its challenges and tap into the various opportunities for progress and prosperity.