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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim al-Issa to visit India

Dr. al-Issa, a global advocate for moderate Islam, to visit India, promoting interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance.

Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim al-Issa, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League and former Minister of Justice of Saudi Arabia, is expected to embark on a significant visit to India. Known for his influential work in promoting moderate Islam, fostering interfaith dialogue, and advocating for religious tolerance, Dr. al-Issa’s visit holds great importance in the context of global harmony and cooperation.

Leading Voice of Moderate Islam

Dr. al-Issa, an Islamic scholar and renowned figure in global affairs, has been a prominent advocate for moderate Islam. His work centers around fostering empathy, understanding, and cooperation among people of diverse backgrounds. As the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, a global non-governmental organization representing Muslims worldwide, he has spearheaded initiatives to build partnerships and strengthen relations between different communities, faiths, and nations.

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Promoting Interfaith Dialogue and World Peace

Recognized for his efforts in promoting dialogue between civilizations, Dr. al-Issa has played a vital role in advocating for interfaith dialogue and world peace. He believes in fostering a culture of religious pluralism and encouraging non-violence. Dr. al-Issa’s visit to India provides an opportunity for him to share his insights and experiences in this regard.

Reformist Role as Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Justice

Prior to his current position, Dr. al-Issa served as the Minister of Justice in the Saudi Cabinet. During his tenure, he oversaw key reforms, particularly in areas concerning family matters, humanitarian cases, and women’s rights. These legislative reforms aimed to ensure justice and equality within the Saudi legal system, reflecting Dr. al-Issa’s commitment to social progress and human rights.

Engagements and Address in India

During his visit to India, Dr. al-Issa is expected to engage in several important meetings and events. He will have a one-on-one meeting with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, underscoring the significance of their discussions on matters of mutual interest and cooperation.

On July 11, Dr. al-Issa will address a gathering of prominent religious and community leaders, academics, and media at the BS Abdur Rahman Auditorium in the India Islamic Cultural Centre. His speech is likely to focus on topics such as moderate Islam, religious tolerance, intercultural communication, non-violence, and religious pluralism. NSA Ajit Doval will also address the gathering, further emphasizing the importance of fostering understanding and peaceful coexistence among different communities.

Recognition and Global Appreciation

Dr. al-Issa’s endeavors have garnered recognition and appreciation from religious leaders, government officials, and international organizations worldwide. Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York, referred to him as a “most eloquent spokesperson in the Islamic world for reconciliation and friendship among the religions of the world.” Ndileka Mandela, the granddaughter of Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela, commended Dr. al-Issa as a “remarkable voice for Muslim tolerance and moderation.”

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Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim al-Issa’s upcoming visit to India holds great significance as he continues to promote moderate Islam, interfaith dialogue, and religious tolerance. Through his extensive experience as the Secretary General of the Muslim World League and former Minister of Justice of Saudi Arabia, Dr. al-Issa has played a vital role in shaping global conversations and fostering cooperation among diverse communities. His engagements in India are expected to further enhance understanding, promote peace, and strengthen ties between different religious and cultural groups, contributing to a more harmonious and inclusive world.