Dubai Crown Prince meets Pakistani boy for his selfless act of kindness

Pakistani boy is the food delivery boy in UAE and caught the attention of people after his act of goodness.

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Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will soon be meeting Pakistani boy Abdul Ghafoor and Abdul Hakeem to thank him for his act of goodness.

Pakistani boy is the food delivery boy in UAE and caught the attention of people after his act of goodness. A video of Abdul Ghafoor went viral on social media. In the video, he was seen running and clearing the road with bricks for traffic. He left his bike on the signal and ran on the road to remove the bricks to clear the obstruction of the traffic. Ghafoor then put them on the safe side before running back to his bike.

Sheikh Hamdan posted the video of the boy on his Instagram account. He hailed the rider’s quick thinking and his courage. Posting the viral video, Sheikh Hamdan said: “An act of goodness in Dubai to be praised. Can someone point me to this man?”

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A little later Dubai Crown Prince  posted that the Pakistani boy has been found. “Thank you, Abdul Ghafoor, you are one of a kind. We will meet soon,” wrote Sheikh Hamdan in his Instagram story. . “I saw the blocks but didn’t really think much of it,” he had told Khaleej Times. “As I waited, a taxi went over the block and the driver almost lost control of his car. That is when I realized that it could cause a major accident.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I was doing anything special,” he said. “I was just making sure no one would get hurt. If God forbid, one of our riders hit it, it could even cause death. That is why I acted quickly,” said Abdul Ghafoor in his interview with Khaleej Times.

Following the appreciation from Dubai Crown Prince, Pakistani boy is garnering praise on social media for users for his selfless act. According to a report he has been given a return ticket to meet his family in Pakistan.

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