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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dubai flooded by torrential rains (VIDEOS)

The country hasn’t seen such levels in 75 years, the government has said

Dubai, a world-renowned megalopolis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was brought to a standstill by a powerful downpour that hit the typically arid region on Monday and Tuesday. Other parts of the country have also been battered and at least one death has been reported.

The UAE government has reported that the country has faced the largest amount of rainfall since local meteorologists began keeping records 75 years ago.

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Dubai received more than 142mm, over 5.5 inches, of precipitation – or 18 months worth according to statistical averages, in just 12 hours.

The situation was compounded by the fact that many roads in Dubai lack proper drainage due to the area’s extremely dry climate. Large lakes swelled up on major highways, trapping drivers in their cars and forcing many to abandon their vehicles altogether.

According to local police, a 70-year-old man lost his life when his car was swept away by torrents of water in the country’s northern Ras Al-Khaimah emirate.

The popular shopping centers Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates have also been flooded, as has at least one underground station.

Multiple flights at Dubai International Airport – a major international transport hub – were delayed or diverted after a huge section of canopy and runway was entirely covered by water.

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In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, the airport operator advised travelers “NOT to come to the airport, unless absolutely necessary.”