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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Edhi Foundation rescues trafficked Azerbaijan girl in Pakistan

Edhi Foundation has rescued and will bear expenses of the return of an Azeri girl back to her home country, who was a victim of human trafficking and brought to Pakistan

The Edhi Foundation is doing the state’s work, said Islamabad High Court today while accepting a plea from a girl to be returned to Azerbaijan. The girl had been a victim of human trafficking and brought to Pakistan.

The court in its order said that the girl should be sent back to her home country before the 6th of November.

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Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani heard the case. Faisal Edhi, the chairman of the Edhi foundation, son of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, was present during the hearing.

The Edhi Foundation is doing the state’s work

The counsel for the petitioner informed the court that Edhi Foundation was ready to bear the expenses of the girl’s return to Azerbaijan. It was here that the court remarked that this was the job of the state but Edhi Foundation was doing it.

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The counsel also referred to how Faisal Edhi had been making rounds of the interior ministry for the last two years but had been met with sheer inaction.

Director Legal FIA said, “We have written to Karachi office. They will see this matter.”

Testimony of girl to be taken via videolink

The court asked that if it would be possible for the FIA to conduct an inquiry if the girl goes back to her country.

The investigation officer should record the statement of the victim via video link, and the FIA should take action against all involved in the matter, ordered the court.

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Chairman of the Edhi Foundation, Faisal Edhi later talking to media, revealed that the court had asked for the recovery of other girls trapped in human and sex trafficking. The particular girl, in this case, had arrived at the Edhi house two years prior, asking for help.

The girl horrifically had been forced to indulge in sex-trading. She had come to the Edhi Foundation for help asking to be sent back to Azerbaijan. Police had discovered that her passport had been forcibly seized and subsequently extorted into prostitution.

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