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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

‘Egg’ becomes most-liked Instagram post

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The most liked picture on Instagram is now of an egg’s. Over the past year, we saw the fall of the reigning queen of Instagram Selena Gomez as she was dethroned as the most followed person by superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, a most liked photo of the American reality star and model Kylie Jenner has been replaced by that of an egg.

The post comes from an account called @world_record_egg which set about to do the impossible by uniting people under their shared love of eggs and getting them to share and like the post. The intent behind this was for ‘the egg’ to become the most followed picture and as of this post, the picture has more than 25 million likes. This easily smashes Jenner’s record of 18 million likes.


For those interested, Jenner’s picture was simply her holding her newborn baby girl Stormi’s hand, a child she had with renowned music artist Travis Scott.

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The other most popular photos feature Kylie Jenner’s baby daughter and tribute to Mac Miller by Ariana Grande as well as the last picture rapper xxxtenacion posted before his death.

Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo make up most of the top 20 most liked pictures, with former Instagram queen bee Selena Gomez only managing to get one (her kidney transplant post). Ronaldo’s most like photos include everything from the announcement of his new team to that of his baby being born. Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber also makes the cut with his marriage announcement to Hailey Baldwin landing in the top 3 with 13 million likes.

Most of the Instagram photos that ended up on the most-liked list were, in fact, baby or relationship related. Currently, the most followed three people are Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande but as Gomez remains absent from the platform due to mental health issues, it is more than likely that Grande will edge her out. Grande currently has 142 million to Gomez’s 144 million followers, whereas Ronaldo has a whopping 151 million.

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The egg becoming the most liked photo speaks to how the internet truly is a global platform. To put things in perspective, currently, the egg has more likes than the entire population of Australia! Only Despacito’s music video on Youtube beats the egg in an online post being more liked. That music video by Latin artist Luis Fonsi has 31 million likes. But it may very well be that in the coming weeks, the egg manages to egg its way to the top.

After all, the egg has become the most liked post only in ten days. In response Jenner posted a short video on Instagram, captioning “Take that little egg”, as she cracked an egg.


As for who the EGG GANG – the people behind the post are – we don’t know yet. But it’s likely that this will be tried again soon either by them or someone else.