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Monday, April 15, 2024

Ehsan Mani not interested in PCB chairmanship

Rumors surrounding the election of the new PCB chairman have been circulating for days and in a recent development, Ehsan Mani has refused to work any longer as PCB chairman.

Speaking to Geo News, Ehsan Mani has confirmed that he is not interested in extending his tenure as the PCB chairman.

Recently, there had been some speculations that Ehsan Mani might run for election again after the end of his current term. However, Ehsan has refused all such claims and has said that further details will be given from the PM’s office.

To replace Ehsan Mani, Ramiz Raja had been the hot favorite as the new PCB chairman. There had been a mixed response from citizens on this news, however, now that Ehsan Mani has confirmed that he will not run for the election, Ramiz Raja is more than likely to become the new PCB chairman.

PM Imran Khan, who is also the patron of the board, had met with both Ramiz and Ehsan on this matter on 23rd August.

Previously, a source within the PM House had revealed: “There are good chances that Mani would continue to be Governing Board member and ultimately contest elections as the chairman of the board for the second term in office. However, would he be able to complete his second term in office is another question.” Whereas it was believed that Raja would serve as the deputy to the chairman.

Mani’s tenure as the chairman has expired and CEO of PCB Mr. Wasim Khan has assumed the powers and responsibilities of chairman of the board.

According to the PCB Constitution if there is no vice-chairman, the powers of chairman PCB in his absence rest with CEO. Till the time, the new chairman gets elected, Wasim will be calling all the shots. Had there been a vice-chairman, he would have been the acting chairman but since there is no vice-chairman, Wasim will exert all the powers of the chairman PCB.

“Mani’s fate for the second tenure in office still hangs in the balance. He has already briefed the prime minister as to why his extension is important for Pakistan cricket. The unnecessary delay in finalizing two board of governor members however gives birth to speculations. Mani was favorite to take over the slot for a second time but you cannot say anything final,” a source had revealed previously.

The prime minister has appointed retired Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed as election commissioner for the election of the new PCB chairman, but without the nomination of two BoG persons, the process of election cannot start.

No official statement from the government or PCB has been released yet and according to experts, there will be more clarity on the matter after PM Imran Khan’s visit to Lahore, where he is expected to hold more meetings.