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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Eid-ul-Adha- 5 tips to have a healthy Eid this year

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Where Eid-ul-Adha is a festival marked by extensive eating, there always is a risk of overeating which can lead to various health problems in short-term and often long term as well. Keeping yourself fit and healthy must be your goal this Eid. Shahi foods will be made in Pakistan on this occasion. Over-eating of such foods will not be beneficial for any individual. Thus, few precautions will help you maintain health on Eid.

Avoid Fried Meat

If planning to eat meat on this Eid, try to take it in the boiled, charcoaled form and avoid taking it in oily/fried form as this increases the calories in a day, for examples kebabs are an excellent choice of food on Eid.

Try to Walk during Eid days

Dieticians and doctors have suggested that one must finish off the last meal 2 hours before the sleeping time. After that, you can go for a long walk for almost 30 minutes to make sure that the food is digested within time and you can easily go to bed feeling light and healthy.

Ask for Green Tea after meal

If you know pre-hand that you’ll be invited to places on Eid and thus cannot avoid meat, then allow yourself for better health tips to be included in the diet plan. Asking for a cup of lemon juice or green tea can help increase the metabolism rate. Tea can also be taken but without sugar.

Avoid Fizzy drinks

Studies have shown us that the impact of cold drinks is very temporary. One should avoid the use of cold drinks in the days of Eid-ul-Azha due to a number of reasons. Health care tips discourage the use of any soft drink.

At least 6 hours break between the meals

Studies have shown that the delay between two consecutive meals should not be less than 6 hours at least in Eid Days of Eid ul Azha.