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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Eight children, woman burnt to death in a fire incident in Sindh

The incident brings to light the dire conditions of rescue services in Sindh. It also questions the government's disaster management capabilities.

Eight children and a woman lost their lives in a tragic fire incident in Dadu, Sindh on Tuesday. More than 50 houses have been burned to ashes in the village of Khairpur Nathan Shah, in District Dadu.

The fire broke out reportedly in a kitchen of a hut, engulfing the surrounding locality. According to the media reports, no rescue and relief teams including the fire brigade arrived to save the lives of the people from fire and properties.

Locals claim that the tragic fire burnt to death their livestock as well. Nearly 160 livestock is reported to be burnt to death in the fire. The incident coincides with the day when the new cabinet took the oath marking the return of the Pakistan People’s Party to the federal government after 2013. However, the party has been ruling the Sindh since 2008.

Netizen slam PPP government

The incident brings to light the dire condition of the life-saving and rescue services in Sindh. The incident questions the capability of the government in fighting off such incidents. The local residents have been protesting against the lack of apathy of the government. They have demanded the Sindh Chief Minister take notice of the indifferent attitude of the local administration.

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Social media users are recording their protest on Twitter once again admonishing the Sindh government for absolutely failing to develop infrastructure in the province to fight major accidents and mishaps.

Prominent activist, Jibran Nasir said: “Last night, two villages caught fire in Sindh Meher, 6 children were burnt to death but not a single fire brigade was present. What is the constitution? Does it only guarantee the #پی_پی_پی government guarantee or also something about the guarantee of a life of ordinary citizens? This Reward for people of meher to vote for you for 14 years?”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has taken notice of the incident. He has asked the CM Sindh to make a report and submit him.