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Thursday, May 23, 2024

‘Enough is Enough Now’: Imran Khan lashes after attack on Raoof Hassan

Several party members who met Imran Khan said that he is extremely furious about the attack on Raoof Hassan.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan lashes out following a heinous assassination attempt on his party member Raoof Hassan.

In a tweet on X yesterday, Imran Khan said ‘Enough is Enough now’. He said that despite facing persecution for two years, they were patient. However, there is a limit to everything. Several party members who met Imran Khan said that he is extremely furious about the attack on Raoof Hassan.

“During the past two darkest years in Pakistan’s history, PTI’s political persecution was carried on with complete impunity. We were subjected to the prohibited war tool of collective punishment— our houses trespassed, our people killed and tortured, our businesses destroyed, and even the elderly and children were not spared. For the sake of Pakistan, we have been very patient so far. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW!! The heinous attack on Rauf Hassan is very instigating and further demonstrates that the powerful are unwilling to accept dissent, preferring to resort to cowardly tactics rather than addressing the underlying problems.”

“I have repeatedly also emphasized that economic stability cannot be achieved without having political stability, and the last two years have shown how the economic conditions of the common man have worsened when a performing govt was ousted by the military establishment and their puppets were installed,” said Imran Khan.

Calling out the public, he said that, it was time to take to the streets now. He instructed his party to mobilize the workers and organize conventions and public rallies.

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“Message for my nation: we must now be ready to practically struggle against this fascist mafia. I instruct all of you— my central party leadership, central, provincial, and local party organization, members, workers, supporters, and the common man to wait for my street agitation call,” he said in the conclusion of his message.