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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Entire roof of SUV ‘flies off’ while driving on highway

“I thought a window was open, but half a minute later the entire glass top of the roof just flew off in the wind,” says the owner.

Ever heard of an entire roof of a brand-new car flying away from the wind? Yes, this actually happened with Nathaniel Galicia Chien who was casually driving down California Highway, when all of a sudden, he found himself experiencing a lot of wind pressure.
Nathaniel Galicia Chien was travelling on the Interstate 580 with his parents in their brand-new Tesla Model Y. They had just picked up the car, hours ago, from the Tesla dealership in Dublin, California. Hence, the last thing they expected was the entire panoramic glass roof flying away just like that. Shortly after the incident, Nathaniel, manifesting responsibility, informed the California Highway Patrol of the incident and the potential hazard it could prove to be if comes in the way of some vehicle.

In an interview with an American technology news website The Verge, Chien recalled the incident in the following words: “I thought a window was open, but half a minute later the entire glass top of the roof just flew off in the wind.” On the bright side though, no one was injured in the incident.

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Tesla, an automotive company owned by the one and only Elon Musk, the founder of Space X has for the past many years suffered from serious quality issues. It has proved deficient in many areas; reflected in various customer feedback surveys conducted across the country. Customers have complained of various vehicular problems such as loose seatbelts, paint deficiencies and indentations in seats.

Chien drove back to the dealership in Dublin to complain about the tragic incident and the lack of quality maintained by the American automaker. He shared his displeasure with their product and services.

Tesla’s response

Upon query, Tesla’s service representatives said that “either the seal on the roof was faulty, or they somehow just forgot to seal the roof on entirely.” The dealers offered to service the Model Y for free and give Chien’s family a rental in the meantime, but the family declined the offer.

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Expressing a lack of trust, not only did Chen decide to decline Tesla’s offer but planned to get rid of the vehicle altogether.

“Luckily, I don’t think anyone was hurt,” Chien said, “and it’s easy to laugh about it in hindsight, but this could be a serious problem if it happens again.”