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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Esra Bilgic kept comments section on swimsuit post open despite moral policing

Braving her previous fears, Turkish actress and now a Pakistani model, has kept the comments section on the post open. Previously Esra Bilgic (who played Halime Sultan) avoided moral policing by her Pakistani fans and kept the comment section on her "swim suit post" closed. What has changed?

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic kept the comments section on her latest swimsuit Instagram post open despite fears of moral policing. Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan posted her images of visiting sea. In the Instagram post, Esra Bilgic is seen reading a book in a swimsuit on a pier.

Esra Bilgic kept comments section open

Now, despite fearing intense moral policing from Pakistani fans for wearing a bold dress on the beach, the actress kept the comments section on the post open. Earlier, Pakistani fans went berserk when they saw Esra Bilgic in a bikini/swimsuit on Instagram.

Perhaps, the actress kept the comment section open for millions of followers in Pakistan and across the world who adore her. Esra Bilgic received massive adulation from Pakistan-first for her role as the quintessential warrior princess, Halime Sultan, in the famous Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul, and then for bouts of her appearances in Pakistani TV commercials. She recently appeared in the advertisement of two Pakistani brands-Qmobile and Jazz.

Esra Bilgic turned off her comments section on Instagram to evade cringe moral policing on her swimsuit images from Pakistani fans.

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Despite having a huge fan base in Pakistan, Esra Bilgic confronted a vehement moral policing from a bunch of Pakistani fans when they rushed to her social media following the broadcast of Turkish serial Dirilis Ertugrul on state television Pakistan PTV.

Remembering her experience, Esra Bilgic turned off the comment section beforehand to avoid vitriol and distasteful moral policing from fans. Pakistani fans of Dirilis Ertugrul started moral policing Turkish actors Esra Bilgic (Halime Sultan) and Engin Altan Duzyatan (Ertugrul) on Instagram for following western culture in real life.

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Pakistani fans- inspired by the exquisite representation of Muslim characters played by these actors on screen- rushed to their social media accounts. But the western lifestyle of Turkish actor disappointed Pakistani fans.

Turkish actress chased by Pakistani Moral Police

Pakistani fans swarmed the Instagram accounts of Esra Bilgic with rude and unpleasant comments. They blasted her for not emulating the traditional Halime Sultan in real life. They commented that she played the role of a noble and modest woman in the serial; then she should emulate that character in real life too. Some asked the Turkish government to take action against Esra Bilgic for disrespecting the ‘Halime Sultan’.

Perhaps, fans expected Esra Bilgic to be living the same traditional life she played in Dirilis Ertgurul. The disgruntled fans went on to say that they have started hating her after watching her pictures.