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Friday, April 12, 2024

Esra Bilgic responds to criticism on speaking for freedom of Afghan women

Ertugrul-famed actress Esra Bilgic encountered criticism for speaking up for Afghan women. Taking to Twitter, she clarified her stance and assured her local and international fan following that her comments did not intend to stir chaos.

Ertugrul famed Turkish actress, Esra Bilgic, on Friday clarified her stance on the liberation of Afghan women in a tweet.

In a tweet, she assured her local and international fan following that her comments did not intend to stir chaos. She had spoken for the rights of Afghan women in one of her Instagram stories. She, perhaps, had encountered criticism for speaking up for Afghan women.

However, just like the rest of the world, Esra Bilgic also fears that Afghan women may once again suffer under the repressive rule of the Afghan Taliban. There has been a massive debate on international media outlets on the future of Afghan women under the new government. Concerns are that the Afghan Taliban may re-impose hard-core restrictions on Afghan women, like their previous government.

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Esra Bilgic had expressed concerns for the rights of Afghan women after the Afghan Taliban took over Kabul last week. She turned to Instagram and shared the burqa-clad picture of Afghan women taken by US photographer Steve McCurry. In the caption of the picture, she expressed her concerns for the freedom and liberation of women that seems to be threatened after the Islamist Taliban superseded the government of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani in Kabul.

She wrote in the caption in the Turkish language which reads: “Last year, on September 20, I learned and wrote that the mother’s name will now appear on the child’s identity card in Afghanistan.”

The Turkish actress further said, “It hasn’t even been a year. Today, women have lost their freedom in Afghanistan. We must continue our struggle for all women of the world.”

However, on Friday, she elaborated her comments on her Twitter account in the Turkish language. Bilgic said that her comments came purely in concerns for the Afghan women on humanitarian grounds and did not reflect her religious or political opinions. “I have always been on the side of ‘human’, regardless of his religious belief, nationality, or political opinion; I will continue to be. I have not been part of any acts of hate or divisive debate; I will not be,” wrote Esra Bilgic.

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She further said that “I’ve never been a part of any hate act or any separatist debate and I will NOT be. Thank you.”


Her fans showered her with love and praise on social media. They said they believe her and that she spoke on humanitarian grounds for Afghan women.

Back then, she had confronted Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra for war-mongering and supporting hatred between India and Pakistan despite being a UN Goodwill ambassador.

In a now-deleted comment, the famous Diriliş: Ertuğrul star wrote, “Being patriotic doesn’t mean you should encourage war. You shouldn’t belong in a conversation concerning war as a US Goodwill Ambassador. You affect many children, many as a role model.” Bilgic continued, “You were so disrespectful towards a woman who just asked you a question about your statement that you shared with millions of people in your own Twitter account.”