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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Everyone is doing Bollywood films now says Meera

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Popular film actress Meera hints at a powerful comeback to the cinema screens. She says she has signed for a lead role in Jamal Shah Film’s that will release in 2018.

The actress talked to media while she was attending Dubai International film festival (DIFF) 2017.

The actress also said that Pakistani producers should reap the benefits of such platforms to the fullest and must showcase their films in events like these.

“We’re all from Pakistan. We should be united and use such platforms to utilize these events and project our industry and our country. Obviously, when our businesses grow, we get recognized internationally. Look at how Indians project themselves! We can use events like DIFF to project ourselves because it brings a lot of attention to our films.”

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Meera, however, commented on Shaan promoting his upcoming film Arth 2, a remake of an Indian film and said: “People said I had sold myself to Bollywood but now, everyone is doing Bollywood movies.”

She also candidly spoke about how in the game of social media she lagged behind.

“I don’t know if our management was weak but it took me time to learn social media. I don’t understand computers and technology a lot – I’m accustomed to a different way of communicating with the media and the press,” she shared.

“It took me longer to understand this medium. There was a time when there was no printed paper published without my interview.”

The Chief Saab actress admitted her failure and affirms that presence on social media is more meaningful and important if an actor has to survive in the industry.

“I never gave much attention but I cannot ignore social media and this technology anymore,” Meera admitted. “Directors and agencies would ask me, ‘How many followers do you have? What is your existence on social media?’ I had been living in the perception that if a social media star or I would be standing at a public place, people would come talk to me for autographs but it has changed now. I’m an experienced actress but it has all become about followers. People judge you based on your social media followers.”

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She further added, “Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan have really worked well in the industry. Their teams in Karachi are really more understanding…their managers, their PR, their system is much better than what I had in Lahore. “