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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Everyone will be happy after budget: PM Imran Khan tells journalist

PM Imran Khan has revealed to a journalist that today's budget announcement will leave the people of Pakistan very happy. Pakistan is hopeful that the budget will provide them with much-needed economic relief.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan says everyone will be happy after the government presents the budget today. A video of PM Imran Khan went viral on social media in which a journalist asked if the budget will be people-friendly while he was walking towards the National Assembly to attend the budget session.

PM Imran Khan stopped for a second and said that everyone will be happy after the budget government will present in the National Assembly today. People are hopeful that government would provide them with the necessary relief they are seeking from government.

The video was shared on the official Instagram account of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The video has garnered more than 107,388 views on social media with his followers and fan appreciating him.


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The government is hopeful that it will provide maximum benefits to the masses of people in the next fiscal year.

The incumbent government of Pakistan under Prime Minister Imran Khan is presenting its third budget for the Fiscal Year 2021-22. This budget would have a value of Rs8.49 trillion, an increase of Rs700 billion over the last budget, and a GDP growth rate target of 4.8 percent.

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Pakistan’s economic growth

The 2021-22 budget is important as the country has presented positive economic indicators over the last 6 months of the FY21, and the Finance Minister in his speech yesterday, on the release of the Pakistan Economic Survey for the outgoing fiscal year, highlighted the focus on growth, no increased taxation on salaried class, an improvement in the IT Industries and Agriculture sectors of Pakistan.

However, the figures today would reveal the actual targets set by the government for the upcoming fiscal year 2021-22.

As of 2:25 PM, the Federal Cabinet chaired by the PM of Pakistan has approved the finance bill 2021-22, with certain amendments to the bill.

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The budget speech has begun. According to the national media reports, the documents for the budget have reached the legislative assembly, and some media outlets are revealing information before the budget is officially presented in the assembly.