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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ex-CJP Iftikhar Chaudhary to file case against Imran Khan over Sita White scandal

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The former chief justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhary has announced to challenge Imran Khan’s eligibility to hold public office under the Article 62-1F on his reported scandal with Sita White.

In his latest interview to a TV channel on Sunday, Mr. Chaudhary stated that he has enough evidence against Imran Khan that will challenge his denial of being a father to Tyrian White. He says Imran Khan has admitted to being a father to Tyrian White in abroad, yet he has always denied allegations in Pakistan.

Chaudhary Iftikhar, who is the head of Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party, says his party will file an objection on Imran Khan’s nomination papers before the relevant ROs. He was asked about the future plans and prospects for his party in upcoming General Elections 2018.

He said after receiving legal documents confirming his relation of father to Tyrian White, he will no longer remain “Sadiq and Ameen” under the Supreme Court’s judgment.

Mr. Chaudhary mentioned that Article 62 -1F is meant to tackle the politicians who are dishonest but aspires to hold a public office.

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“Khan has mentioned his sons in his nomination papers but made no mention of his daughter. We shall take the case against him in the Supreme Court,” he said, adding that “leaders should be ethically clean and honest. It is a matter of character, morality, and law,” he said.

He asked Khan must not talk about justice and moralities when “he is not even willing to recognize his own daughter”. “We want that whosoever is the leader of our country should not have such allegations against them because it is a matter of trust,” he said.

He said that the issue was never raised before the court but “now it should be adjudicated on”. In 1997, Sita won the case of a paternity suit in Los Angeles after Imran Khan refused to give his blood samples for a DNA test.