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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ex-Governor J&K exposes how Modi hid facts about Pulwama attack

In a recent interview with The Wire, Satya Pal Malik - who was the governor during the Pulwama attack of February 2019 - revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi hid key facts from the public about the attack and told him to remain silent.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political career has been marred by controversies that go against the diplomatic norms of the international community. Lately, whistleblowers have taken to expose Modi, making revelations that have caused political earthquakes in India.

Another explosive revelation was made about PM Modi and his sinister plans, this time, by the former governor of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Satya Pal Malik who claimed that it was Modi’s plan to blame Pakistan for the 2019 Pulwama attack.

In a recent interview with The Wire, Satya Pal Malik – who was the governor during the Pulwama terrorist attack of February 2019 and the scrapping of Article 370 in August that year – revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi hid key facts from the public about the Pulwama terror attack that killed dozens of paramilitary troops in India-held Jammu and Kashmir in February 2019.

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Satya Pal Malik said the prime minister told him not to speak about the Union home ministry’s lapses, resulting in the devastating terrorist attack on soldiers in Pulwama.

During the interview, Malik gave extensive details of how the CRPF had requested aircraft to transport its jawans, but was refused by the Union home ministry. He also spoke of how sanitization of the route was not done effectively.

Malik revealed that all of these lapses were raised by him directly when Modi called him from outside Corbett Park shortly after the Pulwama attack. He said the prime minister instructed him to keep quiet about this and not tell anyone. Separately, Malik said that NSA Ajit Doval also told him to keep quiet and not talk about it.

Satya Pal Malik said he immediately realised that the intention was to put the blame on Pakistan and derive electoral benefit for the government and BJP.

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Not holding back on the criticism, Malik said the prime minister is “ignorant” and “ill-informed” about Kashmir. He said that removing India-held Kashmir’s statehood was a mistake and it should be restored immediately.

Modi doesn’t care about corruption

Speaking about Modi, Satya Pal Malik said the prime minister is not at all concerned about corruption. He said he was removed as governor of Goa in August 2020 and sent to Meghalaya because he had brought to the prime minister’s attention several instances of corruption which the government chose to ignore rather than tackle.

He further alleged that the people around the prime minister are indulging in corruption and often use the PMO’s name. Malik said he had brought all of this to Modi’s attention but added that the PM did not seem to care.

“I can safely say that the Prime Minister doesn’t really hate corruption,” Satya Pal Malik said.

Indian opposition shocked

Needless to say, Satya Pal Malik’s explosive interview drew sharp reactions from opposition parties and activists.

The Congress party, on its official Twitter page, repeated the allegations made by Malik and accused Modi of “suppressing” the incident to “save” his personal image ahead of the 2019 general elections.

@narendramodi Ji, the Pulwama attack and the martyrdom of 40 brave hearts is because of the mistake of your government. If our jawans had got the aircraft, the terrorist plot would have failed. You had to take action for this mistake and you not only suppressed this matter but also started saving your image. The country is shocked to hear Satyapal Malik’s statement on Pulwama,” the post said in Hindi.

Congress Party MP and former Union minister, Manish Tewari, called the revelations made by Malik “very very disturbing”. On Twitter, he wrote: “I watched Former Jammu & Kashmir Governor @SatyapalMalik6 conversation very carefully with @KaranThapar_TTP. If what the Former Hon’ble Governor is saying is correct it is very very disturbing to say the least. It will play out very badly in the international arena.”

The Samajwadi Party’s spokesperson, Manoj Singh Kaka, also referred to the “incompetence” of the Modi government in preventing the Pulwama incident from happening. “When the brave soldiers of CRPF asked for aircraft, why was it not given? Who is responsible for the martyrdom of our martyrs?” he wrote in Hindi.