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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Ex-ISI DG sends defamation notice to former PML-N MPA

Ahmed Shuja Pasha sent a defamation notice to Santosh Bugti calling the allegations a "bunch of lies."

Former DG ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha sent a defamation notice to former PML-N MPA Santosh Bugti over the allegations he made on Twitter with regards to PTI’s foreign funding.

According to the details, Santosh Bugti alleged in now-removed tweets that Arif Naqvi had arranged funds for former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his political party at the demand of Ahmed Shuja Pasha.

As a result, Ahmed Shuja Pasha sent a defamation notice to Santosh Bugti calling the allegations a “bunch of lies.”

“Your above-quoted statement is nothing more than a bunch of lies and deceitfulness. You have leveled completely false and baseless allegations against my client with motives best known to you and your sponsors,” the notice read.

The legal notice also clarified that Shuja Pasha and his colleagues met Arif Naqvi only once in Dubai while the former ISI DG never met Imran Khan outside Pakistan, including in Dubai.

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“It’s a pity that you involved Sheikh Al-Nahyan in this bogus dispute. Shuja Pasha respects Sheikh Al-Nahyan. Sheikh Al-Nahyan never asked Shuja Pasha to meet with an Indian or Emirati businessman. I didn’t even send gifts to Arif Naqvi. This is a lie. Santosh Bugti should retract the allegations within 14 days and apologize,” the notice further added.

Arif Naqvi’s role in PTI foreign funding

A recent article by a UK-based publication called the Financial Times has caused quite the storm in Pakistan as it is being considered an “expose” on PTI’s foreign funding case.

Titled “The Strange Case of the Cricket Match that Helped Fund Imran Khan’s Political Rise“, the investigative article reveals how Abraaj founder Arif Naqvi’s Cayman Islands-incorporated company Wootton Cricket Ltd was used to bankroll PTI after receiving funds from companies and individuals including at least £2mn in April 2013 from an influential Arab figure.

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According to the FT report, Imran Khan was invited to a cricket match where guests were asked to pay between £2,000 and £2,500 each to attend. Quoting Naqvi, the report added that the money went to unspecified “philanthropic causes” which turned out to be PTI.

Important to note that political parties in Pakistan are not permitted to receive funding from foreign nationals and companies. The report said the PTI received foreign funding ahead of the 2013 general elections when Imran Khan needed funding the most.