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Saturday, May 18, 2024

‘Dabangg’ bride engages in aerial firing on wedding day, video goes viral

Currently, there are no initial reports of an FIR registered against the bride and her family or if any authorities have taken any action on the viral video. Moreover, the whereabouts of the woman are unknown as of yet.

A video of an excited bride firing shots in the air has caught attention on social media. The bride flexed her skills of aerial firing on her wedding day; soon the video of the bride went viral.

An unconventional bride 

She is seen wearing a bright red traditional wedding dress with lots of jewelry and make-up. The face of the bride is not visible in the video, hence her female relatives asked her to face the camera while firing the gunshots.

Usually, it is the relatives and friends of grooms who are seen expressing excitement through aerial firing, however it is unusual for brides to express their happiness through aerial firing.

Aerial firing: Punishable by law in Pakistan

Aerial firing is a punishable offense according to the laws of Pakistan.

Currently, there are no FIRs registered against the bride neither have any authorities taken action on the viral video. However, the whereabouts of the woman are unknown.

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Provincial authorities have caught and punished several offenders for violating law on aerial firing in the past. Authorities say aerial firing is prohibited since it is risky as several people have lost their lives in the incidents of aerial firings on various occasions.

Hence to protect human lives, governments have turned aerial firing into a punishable offense.


Last year in December, a woman named Saba Jaffer from Hayatabad KP, came under hot waters after her video of firing shots in the air went viral on social media. The KP police took notice of the video and registered an FIR against her. Police even conducted raids for her arrest.

Last year in May, the authorities had directed the provincial police department to use all mediums, including mosques, media as well as social media, to curb aerial firing on the eve of Eidul Fitr in Peshawar. The directives also ordered the provincial police to take strict action against the violators.