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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Extended Winter Break in Punjab Amid Harsh Weather Conditions

Punjab extends winter school vacations amid severe weather and smog, addressing concerns of parents and prioritizing student safety during the inclement conditions.

Winter vacations in educational institutions across Punjab, including the provincial capital Lahore, have been extended until January 10, 2024. A notification issued by the School Education Department directed all institutions to resume classes on Monday, January 10.

The decision to prolong the holidays is attributed to the severe weather conditions and the alarming smog situation in the region. The Lahore High Court also mandated the education department to share an official notification regarding the extension.

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The notification, issued by the School Education Department, stated, “In continuation of this department’s notification of even No. dated 01.12.2023, winter vacations in all public and private schools in the province of Punjab are hereby extended up to 09.01.2023.”

It is important to note that this notification applies specifically to schools in Punjab, and no updates have been provided regarding extensions for colleges and universities.

The winter vacation in Punjab initially commenced on December 18. The provincial government is actively monitoring the weather conditions, and there are indications that the authorities might consider further adjustments to the school reopening schedule if the cold weather persists. Parents, advocating for their children’s safety, have also requested officials to extend the winter vacation by an additional week, particularly noting that some private schools in the province have already altered their schedules.