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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fact check: Did Maryam Nawaz gift Junaid Safdar an expensive car?

Reports claim that Maryam Nawaz gifted Junaid Safdar a Mercedes G63 AMG as a wedding present. According to media reports, the tax paid on this vehicle was Rs 5.3 million, which is the highest tax ever paid on a vehicle in Punjab.

Earlier, news surfaced that PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz gifted her son Junaid Safdar an expensive car. According to news reports, Junaid Safdar received the car as a wedding gift. However, Maryam Nawaz called the reports “blatant lies.”

To clarify, the PML-N leader’s son married in December 2021 and his lavish wedding events became the talk of the town. News emerged that Maryam Nawaz gifted Junaid Safdar a Mercedes G63 AMG.

The German SUV runs on a 4000cc, dual-turbo V8 engine and has a 9-speed transmission. Moreover, the tax paid on this vehicle was Rs 5.3 million, which is the highest paid tax ever on a vehicle in Punjab.

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The PML-N leader received mass criticism for gifting her son the car. Critics kept asking her where got the money to afford such an expensive car. Important to note, the Nawaz Sharif family has been heavily accused of corruption.

However, Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter to finally shut the rumors of giving her son Junaid Safdar an expensive car. She criticized news outlets for sharing fake news. Maryam called the surfing rumor a blatant lie expressing that it’s being blindly shared without any verification.

“This blatant lie is all over social media. It is disappointing how reputed accounts propagate fake news without verification,” tweeted Maryam Nawaz.

Pertinent to mention, this is not the first time that fake news surfaced regarding Maryam Nawaz’s son. Back in October 2021, news emerged that Junaid Safdar owns five off-shore companies.

Maryam Nawaz vows to sue media over fake reports

News of Junaid Safdar owning offshore companies took social media by storm. People, including Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, slammed the Sharif family for their involvement in “endless corruption”.

However, interestingly, the Pandora Papers did not name Junaid Safdar at all. The reports of him owning five offshore companies were false.

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In this regard, Umar Cheema and Fakhar Durrani, the two journalists who participated in the Pandora Papers investigation from Pakistan, debunked the reports.

As a result, Maryam Nawaz, in a series of tweets, vowed that she will sue the media houses spreading fake news.