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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Faisal Kapadia reveals why Strings ended their 33 year long journey

Earlier this year, Faisal Kapadia from Pakistan's iconic band Strings announced that the band's music career is coming to an end. The decision to end Strings left fans heartbroken. However, Faisal Kapadia recently explained in a podcast the reasons behind the band's decision.

Faisal Kapadia, who is the lead vocalist of the iconic band Strings, has finally opened up about why he and Bilal Maqsood decided to end the band’s 33-year old journey. He further revealed details about what he thinks his future plans will be after Strings.

Many fans were heartbroken when they heard the news of Strings coming to an end. Both singers had released a joint statement on Instagram. They announced that they were calling it quits and thanked fans for their immense love and support throughout their journey.

While the two singers had decided not to go into details regarding the matter, in a recent interview which was given on the MJ show video podcast, Faisal Kapadia had decided to spill the beans to his fans behind the decision.

In conversation with the host, he mentioned that to end Strings was always something that they had in mind for a while as they worked on their final album 30 between 2017 and 2018.

Kapadia stated that the decision to end the journey couldn’t have been at a better time. “We’ve had amazing years and amazing times,” he said. “Beginning from the first album, we did our third album after 30 years. The songs in this album, all of them we love. So what do we do after this? We had to really think about whether we should end it right here or not.

The lead vocalist further went on to say “You really don’t feel like ending things because it’s your thing, and especially after the 30 album, things were going great. Strings we were performing on the biggest platforms, doing the biggest shows and all,” he explained. “But it was precisely at a time like this that we needed to take this decision, to cut the cord. Otherwise we would start going downhill gradually, that is an automatic process in itself. When you want to cherish it, you cherish it at a high point.”

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The singer said that taking a break from the band was something out of their comfort zone to him and Maqsood. “We went back to the time of ‘Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar’, when it had become a huge hit in Pakistan and we were doing concerts, it had become important for us to take a break from everything to complete our education. We thought, you know what, we’ve done that before. Now we need to take this permanent break and just call it off,” he explained.

More quality family time

He further elaborated on how he and Bilal just turned 50 this year. “We thought 50 is a great number and now we need to spend more time with our families. Our kids are grown now, they’re in college. That was a very conscious decision. As a band to make things work, you have to let go of and sacrifice a lot of things. But now we thought let’s do whatever we want to. You know, we have lived a great life with Strings, for Strings, as Strings and now we just move on. It was a very conscious and deliberate decision and I am really happy about it. You always remember things that happened on a good note.”

When talking about the singer’s future all he had to say was, “I haven’t thought about anything to be very honest. I want to spend maximum time with my family.”

He went on to take this opportunity to talk about his beloved wife Who he had met in 1989. “I met her around the time when String’s journey was just starting. In 2000 my oldest son Armaan was born. He was born just when we’d just come back from shooting the music video for Duur. After that Jibran was born in 2004. So in these past 20 years, the kids have grown and now I really want to spend some time with them, and then see where and what I draw inspiration from.”

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After finally getting clarification on the Strings’ decision to end their journey, fans now believe that whatever happens is for the best. Fans have wished both the singers the best for their respective futures.