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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Falcon is at 10-1: Pakistan Needs to Practically Own Muhammad Waseem

Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem defeated Mexican Ganigan Lopez at added another win making his total to 10-1. Pakistani administration needs to own their athletes so that they can better represent their country on international forums.

Pakistani Boxer, Muhammad Waseem, is again in the news following his victory against the former WBC Silver Weight Champion, Ganigan Lopez, in Dubai.

By this victory, Waseem has further refined his record of 10-1 in terms of winning. Waseem had been the world silver weight champion for quite long before losing his spot to 4th place in 2018.

Back then, Waseem complained about the lack of support at the governmental level and publicized his intention of quitting the boxing to get the nationality of either South Korea or America.

But, this was not the first time that a sportsman delivered such remarks. Pakistan’s record in boxing has been phenomenal throughout yet the boxers rarely receive any benefits they are worthy of.

Syed Hussain Shah is an example of it. Hailed from the underprivileged area of Lyari in Karachi, he received his first gold medal in 1984 South Asian Games and from there on, he continued to impress the foreign commentators. Still, disappointed by the lack of support from the authorities, he quitted boxing in Pakistan to move to Japan.

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It is the general attitude of Pakistani authorities to praise the foreign players and associate the tag of Pakistan with them after tracing their blood lineage to Pakistan. Nevertheless, local players rarely succeed in attaining their attention.

Since the election of Imran Khan as premier, the hope again emerges that the sports and sportsmen would get the required attention. Imran Khan had also promised in his election campaign that he would work hard to grant Pakistan a reputable status in sports and grant the sports person their due respect.

It is now the prime time for Pakistan to start recognizing the talent of other sportsmen too apart from cricket and own them so that, the revival of sports could be possible in the country.